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10 Spring Startup Tips for Ponds

There are several things that happen each year that remind me that spring is near. The trees and shrubs get pruned, the lawn sprinkler system gets tweaked, and I witness the return of the same birds that were here last year. I'm also reminded that it's time to get my water feature up and running.

PRIMG WF Pond with FishWater feature can perform as good as new by implementing the following spring startup tips. Water feature professionals agree that following these steps will ensure that your client’s pond, waterfall, or stream will give you lasting enjoyment for many years to come.


1. Do a general cleaning in and around the pond. A pond net is a great tool to use for sifting out small debris left over from winter. Once you have sifted out all of the debris, manually remove any remaining dry foliage, trash, and twigs from the outer edge of the pond.

2. Perform a partial water change. Most agree that a water change of about 50 percent is recommended. Using the existing pond pump or a utility pump, put some of the water into a large container. Then pump most of the remaining water onto the lawn or shrub areas that are nearby. Pond water is rich nutrient, and the surrounding grass and plants will love it. Once most of the water is out of the pond, go fishing! Catch the fish using your debris net, and place them in the large container filled with water. (Be sure to cover the container so that the fish can’t jump out.)

3. Manually clean the skimmer, biofalls filter, and the pump. Take all of the components apart and clean them to be sure they are clear of any debris that could impede their performance. Then put them all back together and re-install them.

4. Clean the rocks and liner. Using a water hose or even a power washer, clean all of the sludge, algae, and other debris off of the rocks. Pump all of that nutrient rich water onto the lawn and plants (as described in step two).

5. Re-position any rocks that are out of place to be sure they are esthetically pleasing to the overall look of the water feature. Be sure that the rocks cover the rubber liner.

6. Trim any plants that have overgrown, and add more plants if necessary.

IlluminFX Manta Ray IlluminFX Manta Ray

7. Make sure the lights are working. Reposition the lights for the best visual effect to light the pond, stream, and waterfall. If your pond doesn’t have lights, you can add them. Check out some of these options at your local Ewing store:

8. Add new water and fill the pond back to its original level, and turn on the pump.

9. Treat the water with Detoxifier and Beneficial Bacteria. Make sure you have plenty of algaecide and SAB Stream and Pond Cleaner to be used as needed. Be careful to use these water treatments according to the directions on the label.

10. Put the fish back in the pond after letting the water flow for about an hour.

The water feature is ready for another season. Spring has officially sprung!

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