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3 Accessories for Building Holiday Lighting Showstoppers

Adding festive flamboyance to landscapes with holiday lighting and holiday décor products from Ewing can be a profitable winter activity for your business. This season, include these accessories to effortlessly create imaginative lighting scenes.

Mounting clips and stakes
Installing holiday lighting is quick and easy when you have clips, tabs and stakes on hand.

  • PRIMG LT Holiday Lights DrivewayMounting clips hold tight underneath roof shingles or on gutters. For lighting arrangements on metal surfaces like roofs, gates, flashing or handrails, apply magnetic clips.
  • Shingle tabs have dual legs for secure mounting and a flip tab for a firmer grip. Apply on shingles, gutters and decks.
  • The All-In-One Universal Light Stake makes it easy to create appealing borders in yards—just twist and lock in a bulb.

PRIMG LT Holiday Lights TreesLED trunk wraps
You don’t have to limit yourself to roofs and walls when it comes to hanging lights. With trunk wraps, you can light small bushes and hedges, tree trunks, and pillars and posts. Each wrap features 100 5MM LEDs in an evenly spaced grid pattern stretching 2 ft. by 6 ft. Just wrap and plug in. Red, green, and warm and cool white color options help you create inspired lighting motifs.

Outdoor timers
Once you’ve installed your lights, ensure they shine at optimal moments with a 2-way outlet outdoor timer. Adjusting for displays to run from dusk to dawn keeps lights on at appropriate times, and saves the end user time, money and electricity.

Start taking advantage of holiday lighting opportunities
The holidays will be here sooner than you expect, so make the most of your installation time with these holiday lighting accessories. To learn more about holiday lighting selling opportunities, go to your local Ewing store.


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