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3 Holiday Lighting Products That Will Make Your Displays Standout

Streets lined with red, green and white Christmas lights draw crowds from all over the city. So how can you help your clients’ home or business standout? In addition to professional-grade LED bulbs, which last longer and shine brighter than many of the big box store products, these three holiday lighting products will make your customers’ places the talk of the town.

Teardrop garland

Give your customers’ homes or businesses a more modern look this year with teardrop garland. This greenery option is particularly desirable for commercial applications; such as shopping centers and restaurants. This uniquely shaped garland fits better on narrow columns, fence posts, light poles and entryways than traditional round wreaths.

Teardrop greenery comes in two sizes, 36-inch, with 50 5mms or 48-inch, with 70 5mms in warm white. No matter the size of the area you’re trying to decorate, Ewing’s teardrop greenery will give the space something new this year.

LED trunk wraps and nets

LED trunk wraps and nets are a great way to build out a holiday lighting display. Often, people only think of holiday lighting strings on rooftops, but with tree trunk wraps and nets you can give any commercial or residential space a little bit more by decorating the landscaping as well.

Tree nets are pre-spaced with 100 5mm LED lights that you can connect up to 30 sets end-to-end. Great for shrubbery or other landscaping, nets simplify installations saving you time and giving you that professional, uniformed look right out of the box.

Trunks wraps will make any tree pop. Whether it's the family’s beloved tree in the front yard or landscaped trees lining a city street, tree trunk wraps are easy to install with 100 5mm pre-spaced LED lights and the ability to connect up to 30 sets end-to-end just like the nets.

5mm Slow Twinkle lights

The 5mm slow twinkle lights will add animation and movement to your holiday lighting displays, making it the final product you need to make your clients’ holiday lighting set up stand out.

These unique bulbs give off a slow, subtle “on and off” twinkle, creating a glistening effect on a house or business front as opposed to the typical on/off sequence of twinkle lights that can appear jumpy. These lights can also be used as decorative, animated outdoor ornaments when balled and hung in trees.

This year, offer your customers something different for their holiday lighting displays. If you’re interested in these products or Ewing’s other holiday lighting products, stop by your local Ewing today or visit online at EwingIrrigation.com/seasonal-bistro-lighting for more information.

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