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3 Products to Make Field Sharing a Success

What was once trending is now becoming a money saving staple across the nation. Field sharing is causing field managers to stretch and challenge their skill sets as they take on the monumental task of not managing one, but two sport schedules on a single field.

Take a look at the products below that will help you rise to the field sharing challenge and win the day.

Kocheck hoses and nozzles

If reliable products aren’t part of your “field transitioning team,” they should be. Kocheck hoses are created to be lightweight and kink resistant, two things sports field managers appreciate when they’re running low on time.


The strength of your field’s foundation largely determines how successful your year will be. Products like Holganix concentrate on strengthening turf from the ground up by improving turf density, increasing root mass and improving nutrient and water intake. A strong field and strong team equals a winning combination.

Mirimichi Green

With two teams trouncing on your field multiple times a day, your turf needs to be as durable as possible. Mirimichi Green is a professional blend of premium organics and USDA certified biobased carbon that increases fertility and water absorption. The product’s unique blend creates an environment where beneficial microbes thrive resulting in better overall plant health.

A Field Sharing Case Study

Is your field thinking about field sharing or is the process already underway? Take a look at the steps this field director took to ensure the process was smooth and his game plan brought home the gold.

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