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Three Reasons to Give CIVITAS WEEDfree BRAND Concentrate a Try

PRIMG Prod Civitas 2.5galThis summer, try a new way to kill weeds in your turf. Don’t let those annoying dandelions or ragweed get in the way of summertime fun!

CIVITAS WEEDfree BRAND Concentrate is a selective broadleaf herbicide that uses fewer active ingredients than other herbicides. “But, what does that mean?” you may be asking.

This 2-4D product kills weeds while using fewer chemicals, which can help you attract new customers and contribute to a more sustainable environment. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t any chemicals—this is a hybrid product that still contains chemicals, just less of them.

If fewer chemicals isn’t reason enough for you to try a jug of CIVITAS WEEDfree BRAND Concentrate, here’s three more reasons that might convince you.

  1. You can see where you’ve applied herbicide.

With the white emulsion, you’ll know where you’ve sprayed, so you don’t miss any areas, spray too much in any given spot or waste product.

  1. You won’t go home smelling like chemicals.

Your family might appreciate this one more than you! With CIVITAS WEEDfree BRAND Concentrate, there’s no foul-smelling odor. This low-odor formula prevents you from breathing in offensive odors all day.

  1. Your clients will see results in 12 hours.

CIVITAS WEEDfree BRAND Concentrate kills more than 60 broadleaf weeds. Keep your clients happy and reduce callbacks with visibly fast results.

Check with your local Ewing store for availability and grab a jug of CIVITAS WEEDfree BRAND Concentrate to contribute to a sustainable landscape while still killing those pesky weeds!

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