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Three Steps to Success When Planning an Urban Garden

No matter where you live, you can grow food in an elegant and productive way with urban gardening.

Justin Rohner from Agriscaping suggests getting started with three easy steps: healthy soil, healthy starts and healthy systems.

  1. Healthy SOIL: For traditional vegetables, the soil needs to be deep (at least 12-18 inches), well draining, high in organic matter and hold moisture like a sponge.
  1. Healthy STARTS: Seeds can be tough for a beginning garden, especially if there are hungry birds and critters around! Start by planting healthy seedlings that you can often find at a local nursery with at least four mature leaves, and no visible roots protruding from the base of their growing container.

Ensure success with products to jump-start your garden. Holganix is a bionutrient that improves soil biology and helps grow healthy plants with deep roots. AquaSmart PRO is a super absorbent material that keeps moisture accessible to the plant roots. Mirimichi Green offers products to improve the efficiency of soil.

  1. Healthy SYSTEM: Avoid the traditional "binge-gardening" approach with edibles where you take a weekend and plant a bunch of stuff. It's better to start small, and make gardening a routine where you plant only enough for your typical day or week every day/week. That way, you never over-burden yourself.

For more on each of these three steps to get started, check out Agriscaping’s video on a successful urban garden. Want to learn more about urban gardening and Agriscaping? Visit bit.ly/EwingAgriscaping.


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