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3 Tips for Promoting Natural Soil Health

The soil is alive with microorganisms of many different types—fungi, bacteria, nematodes and more—many of which can be beneficial to turf. Mycorrhizae, for example, are fungi that help plants by increasing the surface area of roots, which provides the plant with greater access to water and minerals.

You can take an organic approach to turf management with these tips and product suggestions.

1. Feed the soil
Microorganisms in the soil have a mutual relationship with the soil and plants, and with proper management, these organisms can help enhance plant health and strength.

Organic products can stimulate natural processes, and benefit nutrition, stress resistance, and growth. Ewing offers a variety of organic products from Holganix, which add microorganisms, nutrients and other beneficial ingredients for plants. Some popular products include:

Soil amendments like humic acid can also benefit plant health. Humic acid helps enhance soil nutrient absorption, increase the soil’s moisture holding capacity, and improve soil structure. Ewing offers several products that feature humic acid, including:

2. Take care of the oxygen in the soilBermudagrass Turf
Oxygen levels are also important. Compacted soil has low oxygen levels, which can harm plants by reducing water infiltration and drainage. Create air space in the soil by tilling and aerifying it to help promote healthy turf roots.

Aerate your lawn during the growing season, when the grass can heal and fill in open spaces. Apply products such as Soil Buster gypsum pellets, which replace the soil’s sodium and increase the amount of available pore space in the soil, thus enhancing air and water movement.

PRIMG Misc Turfgrass Closeup3. Know the best times to make applications
Different microbes are active at different temperatures. Some prefer cold weather, and others prefer warmth. Microorganisms must be active to break down fertilizer for plants to use, so it’s important to follow a seasonal schedule for applications. Your local Ewing can advise you on the best times of the year to make applications, and at what rates.

Help the soil to help the plants
Many microorganisms in the soil have a mutual relationship with the plants growing there, and you can help enhance soil health and strength with proper management.

To learn more about how you can take a proactive approach to nourishing soil and stimulating vigorous plant growth, visit your local Ewing store.

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