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3 Trends Creating Demand for Holiday Lighting Services

Adding holiday lighting as a service to your landscaping business can be rewarding and not just financially. You’re helping clients display their holiday spirit, celebrate treasured traditions, and create new memories. In regions with wintery weather, you're also keeping crews busy in the colder months when work can grind to a halt.

With a potential downturn in the economy, you may still be unsure about expanding your services to include holiday lighting. Here are three trends to consider as you determine how to include holiday lighting in your service offering.

1. The Increasing Demand for Festive Lighting

Between busy families, aging homeowners unable to climb ladders, commercial spaces, municipal parks, and homeowner’s associations, there is no shortage of places to incorporate holiday lights. Plus, demand for festive lighting is exploding beyond the traditional Christmas season, as clients want them for other celebrations too.

Many neighborhoods are hosting Halloween decorating contests, and homeowners are looking for professional-grade lights that can easily transition from fall to winter festivities. Some communities are also seeing an increasing demand for professionally installed lights for Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights.

Once installed, programmable LED lights can transition from one color scheme to another without the labor to remove and replace strings of single-colored bulbs.

2. The Opportunity to Create a New Revenue Stream

Trends in business show that owners are carefully considering business growth and financial performance. Leverage your existing client relationships to grow your business and generate additional revenue with customers who already appreciate your services. Chances are you already have the basic tools you need, such as ladders, wire cutters, screwdrivers, etc., so it’s possible you could generate new income with fewer startup costs.

3. The Ability to Illuminate Your Customers’ Creativity

Improvements in LED lighting technology make it easy to satisfy even the hardest-to-please clients. RGB (red, blue, green) LEDs can produce 16 million color combinations. App-ready LED lights can be set to music, change color, and create animation from a mobile device.

Manufacturers have made it easier than ever to create artistic designs with less labor with these options:

  • Roofline C9, C7, and icicle lights
  • Tree trunk wraps
  • Net lights
  • Pre-balled string lights
  • Professional-grade pre-lit greenery
  • Starburst clusters with bendable outdoor-rated brown wire branches
  • Bistro Lighting

Visit our other blog articles for ideas about how to generate revenue or how to set up and maintain this new service.

For details about holiday lighting installation, visit our website to download the Ewing Holiday Lighting Installation Guide. This brand new guide includes QR codes with links to resources about product, layout, cabling, and more. Review these resources, then stop by your local Ewing branch for more information.

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