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3 Ways Training and Education Can Help Improve Your Business

At the end of a busy day the last thing anyone probably wants to do is take a training course. But when green industry business owners continually list employee retention as one of the top things that keep them up at night, taking that training course—or getting employees to—might be the best way to actually rest at the end of a workday.

When it comes to employee development, here are three ways investing in training and education can improve your business.

Training improves employee satisfaction

Increasing employee satisfaction will improve your business on a variety of levels. A study by the University of Warwick found that “happiness made people around 12 percent more productive.”

When your employees better understand their job and how to do that job, they’re more likely to enjoy their work and stick around—reducing the amount of time you spend looking for new employees and increasing the time you can spend on your business.

Training can bring in more business

Having trained and certified employees is a great selling point for customers. If you invest in your employees, you can increase revenue by offering more services and highlighting your company’s expertise.

Training helps with recruitment

One benefit of employee training that might not be as obvious is how it can help with hiring. Landscapes Unlimited, a nationwide multi-faceted golf company, said investing in employee training has also helped them with recruitment.

“It’s helping us find people, and by that I mean when we’re recruiting one of the things we promote with potential employees is that we offer a lot of development and training opportunities,” said Cesar Martinez, Landscapes Unlimited Senior Programs Manager.. “It demonstrates our commitment to employees and their continued growth and success. Then we work to tie them together. The more successful the employees are, the more successful the company is as a whole.”

Landscapes Unlimited has a variety of training programs for employees that help them retain future leaders and develop their workforce to expand the business. Read more about it here.

How to start employee training

Ewing offers a variety of education courses and other training opportunities. Ewing Education offers dedicated classes for a variety of topics such as lighting, pumps, irrigation, turf and many more. You can send your entire team or just select employees.

Ewing also offers custom training courses for green industry companies that can be tailored to your company’s specific needs. Landscapes Unlimited recently partnered with Ewing to train 32 new employees on golf course irrigation. If you’re interested in a custom training course, contact Ewing’s Education team for more information.

If you’re looking for a less formal training course, Ewing even hosts lunch and learn events at our branches. These events combine food and education for you and your employees. Reach out to your local Ewing store to find out when their next lunch and learn event is happening.

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