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3 Ways Your Field Can Benefit from Infield and Turf Conditioners

The three most important aspects of sports field management are moisture, aesthetics and playability. These affect everyone at any game, at any field and at any level of sport. Applying infield and turf conditioners can help your field reach top conditions. With a firm grasp on how to apply these products, you can take your field to the next level. Here’s how…

1. Improved moisture management

The number one issue with sports fields is maintaining the proper moisture—it’s here that you are probably spending most of your time. This is where conditioners make the biggest difference.

Calcined clay is the most common material in conditioners. Its ability to absorb moisture and slowly release it once it reaches field capacity helps ensure your playing surface doesn’t turn into mush.

PRIMG AF Baseball Field with Ewing LogoA thin layer spread evenly across the top of your infield mix also allows for ideal moisture retention. This helps prevent rainouts, as the field can hold a greater amount of water and still be playable. This will also help relieve compaction and drainage issues.

Turf conditioners act the same way. They hold a greater amount of moisture in the soil longer, and slowly release it back into the root zone in an amount where the grass plant can actually use it.

This helps prevent issues with drainage, disease and playability. There are a variety of conditioners to assist you in achieving field perfection.

2. Enhanced aesthetics

How a field looks says everything about how it is perceived. Infield and turf conditioners can help make a field look its best. Incorporating conditioners into the root zone of turf areas will help bring out the green by creating pore space in the soil profile. This also improves the turf’s nutrient storage capacity, and creates healthier, stronger roots.

Infield conditioners come in a variety of different colors and sizes to help spruce up any field—apply colors to bring out a team logo, or just use green to conceal a recent application of topdressing, for instance.


PRIMG Misc Field Skin3. Superior safety and playability

Applying a conditioner into the first two or three inches of your infield mix can create a softer, truer playing surface and resolve any safety concerns with your ball field. For clay soils, a turf conditioner incorporated into the soil can help break up the clay and improve its playing surface. 

You can also apply some conditioners as topdressing to prevent compaction on your field. MVP, the most common and frequently used conditioner from Turface, is effective for moisture control and to reduce compaction for optimal safety.

Pro League has smaller calcined clay particles to create a more uniform field and consistent surface. Pro League comes in natural, original red, Heritage Red or Champion Brown colors.

Find Sports Field Success with Ewing

Your field’s aesthetics, playability and moisture retention can all be increased by the use of infield conditioners. These products can be effective tools for your field and turf management, at sports fields of any level. Visit your local Ewing store to learn more ideas and solutions for managing your sports field.

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