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4 Clubhouse Upgrades for Your Golf Course

Ewing may already supply your golf course with the products you need to keep the tees and greens in top shape, but did you know we offer more than just turf care products? The clubhouse and restaurant at many courses serve as an important revenue source, and we can help you create an inviting atmosphere with a few upgrades.

Whether entertaining golfers and other members or attracting new business from weddings, receptions and events, these additions can help elevate the aesthetics—and increase the potential revenue—of any space.

1.    Landscape lighting
Extend the use of patios and outdoor areas and create a warm, inviting atmosphere with lighting. Lighting also reduces liability and accidents by allowing guests and employees to see where they are going.

LT Yard with LED LightsLandscape lighting fixtures can help extend the value and use of the space by allowing for outdoor receptions in the evening hours. It can also bring out the architectural details of the building or highlight a unique feature of a landscape.


PRIMG LT Bistro Lighting in TreesBistro lighting strands fit right in to any landscape, event, or hardscape design to enhance the guest experience, while maintaining a festive atmosphere.


Seasonal lighting and holiday décor products from Ewing can add a festive spin on your clubhouse during the holiday season. Create an impact with holiday lighting products built for outdoor use, and opt for LED bulbs to reduce operating costs of your seasonal displays.

2.    Outdoor sound
Music establishes mood and atmosphere, and Sonance creates an outdoor sound that is crisp, fresh and bold. The Sonance Sonarray SR1 Landscape Audio System has high-quality sound that can be targeted to a specific entertainment area without disturbing the golfers on the course or nearby houses.

With a subwoofer and eight satellite speakers that blend into the landscape, the Sonarray provides even sound coverage for up to 2,000 square feet—perfect for events, private parties and more.

Fire Ring Hardscape Kit3.    Paved pathways, seated walls and other hardscape features
Use hardscapes to create a pleasing aesthetic for walkways and seating areas around the entrance and entertaining areas. Ewing offers a variety of concrete paver options, including permeable and natural stone varieties, as well as Grasstone for slope surface stabilization perfect for cart path and heavy traffic areas surrounding the clubhouse.

In addition to pavers, Ewing offers unique, labor-saving alternatives for outdoor kitchens and fire features—and a full line of finishes, tools and accessories to complete and maintain the job.

4.    Self-Watering Pots and Planters

Consider adding container irrigation solutions for any potted plants near the clubhouse or restaurant. Pots, planters and container irrigation options from Tournesol Siteworks help to eliminate potential liability and reduce hand watering.

Call or stop by your local Ewing to find out more about how we can help you with your next non-turf related golf course project!

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