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4 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Holiday Lighting

In the past, we shared some potential customers for holiday lighting services, including homeowners and municipalities. While these customers may have a need for holiday lighting, they may not know all the reasons they should hire a professional contractor for these installations.

Here are four reasons you can share with your customers for why they should use your services this holiday season.

Professionals can get the job done safely

shutterstock_121934992Creating a holiday display that is sure to wow onlookers can be a safety nightmare – full of height challenges and electrical concerns. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, during November and December 2015, about 14,000 people were injured due to installing holiday decorations.

Mention your team’s expertise here to safely and efficiently decorate a home, neighborhood, restaurant or office building. As professionals, your crews have the experience, skills and tools to install even the most difficult lighting designs.

Easy clean up post holidays

After cleaning up the holiday dinners, wrapping paper and interior décor, the last thing a homeowner wants to think about is getting out the ladder and removing all exterior holiday lights and neatly storing the strands for next year.

Not only can your team quickly remove the holiday lights and store them for the customer, your team can get the job done while your customer is at work, running the business or taking care of other errands. Your flexibility and availability is important so your customer doesn’t end up with holiday lights still flickering come Valentine’s Day.

Experts in vertical perspective

A lackluster holiday display can dampen the seasonal tidings of joy, so it’s important to get the twinkles of lights perfectly placed. With tall buildings, getting the right light placement takes experience and an understanding of vertical perspective.

With regular commercial holiday light strands, the bulbs are placed about 12 inches apart. When adorning a building that’s 15 or more feet high, those traditional holiday strands of bulbs will blur and blend together when looking up from the ground. However, with strands that offer customization on bulb distance, you can create the perfect holiday masterpiece, no matter how tall the building is.

“For tall buildings or large conifer trees, you might want to use lighting strands with bulbs with 24 to 36-inch spacing,” said Roger Ramsey, Ewing’s National Specialty Products Manager. “You can create custom spacing by using a wire without sockets, then adding the sockets, plugs and bulbs, specifically designed for your project.”

Commercial buildings, hotels and resorts, universities, shopping malls and even municipalities can scale upward several stories high. The same goes for tall conifer trees that many cities and malls like to have on display. Be sure to share with these customers how you can create that perfect holiday glow.

Create a low-profile look during the day

Since holiday lights are meant for the nighttime hours, they tend to look perfect while illuminated in the dark. But what about the other half of the day?

5mm-multiAs a professional in the green industry, you know the various lighting options and can recommend the right lights and displays to meet your customers’ needs. This includes finding a solution, such as the 5MM LED String Lights, to reduce the look holiday lights have during the day. These string lights are low profile, which means they will "hug" what they are installed onto tighter, creating a more professional display.

Additionally, these 5MM wide-angle LED mini lights provide extraordinary brightness at reduced energy costs. The wide angle, conical shape of the bulb emits 360 degrees of color, casting brilliant light in every direction. Tightly twisted wire reduces the possibility of tangling or bulging, resulting in a clean and polished appearance.

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