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4 Reasons to Switch to the Hunter Hydrawise Controller

With many new irrigation controllers on the market it can be difficult to know which one is right for each site. Here are four reasons to upgrade or switch to a new Hydrawise controller by Hunter.

  1. Wi-Fi

With many things in our lives going towards Wi-Fi, so should your irrigation controller. By switching to a Wi-Fi enabled controller, you can save a large amount of time and money that could be better spent on another job or with your family.

That’s because Hydrawise can help save you needless trips to a client that may not need someone on site, just a simple adjustment that can be done from wherever you are.

  1. Easy to upgrade

If your customer already has a Hunter Pro-C, ICC or an ICC2, the Hunter Hydrawise is an easy upgrade—all you have to do switch the face pack.

This can be an economic solution for some customers by doing this simple upgrade. There is also the option to simply go with a whole new Hydrawise controller.

  1. Two sensor terminals

Having two sensor terminals helps tremendously with water saving potential. By adding a rain/freeze sensor you avoid the comical “watering when raining” scenario.

In addition to that you can add a flow meter and a master valve to monitor any issues with water flow. It will send you notifications of flow alerts and shut off the master valve when necessary, protecting your clients’ water bill, their landscape and your reputation.

  1. Scheduling

Scheduling can be a bit of a hassle when your traditional timer has only three or four programs. Trying to manage all the different watering requirements with only three or four programs instead of watering to the plants needs is where Hydrawise has stepped up.

Hydrawise has unique “triggers” or perimeters such as wind, heat or cold triggers which will change watering according to what you tell the controller you want to have happen in these events.

Looking for more reasons to switch? Stop by your local Ewing store today!

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