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4 Ways to Get More Sales with Smart Irrigation

July is Smart Irrigation Month, and a great time for contractors to boost business by saving water.

Here are four ways you can improve your sales opportunities with smart irrigation:

Smart Irrigation Flyer1. Promote your services

Use this free Awareness Flyer to generate interest in smart irrigation and your business by distributing it in the areas you work or at Home & Garden shows, posting it on bulletin boards, sending it to clients, etc.

This flyer is easily customizable. Once you download the flyer, open it with the Adobe Reader program [Download for free.] Then edit the services section and add your company name and contact information or attach your business card.

2. Do a site inspection

On any property visit, offer to do a site inspection. Use the Water Smart Site Checklist form to discuss water concerns with the property owner, and to inspect the site.

Keep some forms on hand in your truck, or fill it out using an Adobe Reader app on a laptop, iPad or tablet. Then, give a copy to the property owner and talk about the opportunities they have to save water in their landscape.

3. Make your smart irrigation recommendations

Use this Smart Irrigation Solutions form after a site visit to make specific recommendations, including:

  • Products, services and repairs
  • Cost estimates
  • Anticipated water savings

Keep some blank forms on hand in your truck, or fill it out using Adobe Reader and give it to the property owner to show them the value of smart irrigation.

PRIMG Misc SIM Save On4. Save on smart irrigation products

In July, Ewing is offering a sale on more than 25 smart irrigation products, including select smart controllers, soil sensors, and water-efficient sprinkler nozzles. By stocking up and taking advantage of these reduced prices now, you’ll be prepared to help your clients save with smart irrigation.

Log in to EwingIrrigation.com to see what’s on sale in July.

We’ll also be offering Flash Sales throughout July…follow us on Facebook or Twitter to learn about these one-day only sales.

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