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4 Ways to Serve Your Customers This Fall

When the leaves begin to change colors and the night air gets a little chillier, there’s still plenty of opportunity to make a little green. Here are four ways you serve your customers this fall.

Color and landscape refresh

Although the colors of fall are beautiful in many parts of the country, the change in weather can add stress to some plants and turf areas. Give your clients a stronger lawn to last throughout the season with a color refresh and landscape touch up.

As the season goes on, weather and traffic can damage plants and lawns. In colder months, adding a new layer of mulch can help protect plants by creating a barrier between the soil and air to help moderate temperature.

Applying products, such as Holganix Bloom, can also help increase strength and tolerance to cooler weather, improve water retention and increase a plant’s natural colors. According to Holganix, application of its Bloom products should be done when soil temperature reaches 55 degrees for best results.

Once you’ve laid new mulch and given plants an extra boost with Holganix Bloom, you can also install or re-install landscape edging. Landscape edging can give any landscape that fresh look that your clients are looking for this fall. Check out these eight simple tips for landscape edging.

Outdoor living

In the fall, many homeowners are looking to enjoy their backyards. You can offer a variety of outdoor living services with help from Ewing. Fire pits and bistro lighting are a great way to extend your customers’ backyard usage.

Fire pits can be used throughout the fall season and allow your customers to enjoy their backyard even as temperatures cool. Your customers can choose block size, shape and color to best fit their backyard space. To find out more about installing a backyard fire pit, watch this Ewing video.


You can also create ambiance in your customers’ backyards by simply changing out the lighting. Bistro lighting allows you to easily upgrade any outdoor area into a space that can be used at any time of the day. Learn more about bistro lightings and what you can do with them in this Ewing video.



After giving your customers’ outdoor spaces a fresh update for fall, talk to them about winterization. Once the season starts to get closer to the colder months, you can help protect your clients’ landscapes with these winterization tips:

  • Turn off power and water the irrigation system.
  • Disconnect any monitoring devices.
  • Remove water from the pipes and pumps with the blowout method.
  • Close the drain valves.

Offering winterization services early will cause your customers to think about you first when it comes time to winterize their system. Ask them to make an appointment with you in advanced, so you can get on their schedule.

Holiday lighting

Once you’ve prepped their systems for winter, it’s time to think about holiday lighting. Holiday lighting is a great add-on service for winter months to help you earn more business during the final quarter of the year.

Talk to your customers in October about installing holiday lights for them. Highlight the benefits of having a contractor install lighting, such as safety and clean up. You can read more about the benefits and how to talk about them here.

Ewing sells everything you need to create stunning holiday lighting displays for your customers. Find out more about our holiday lighting offerings here.

These are just a few of the services you can offer your customers this fall to keep your business going strong all year. Stop by your local Ewing store to find out more about these services and more.

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