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5 Smart Ideas for Smart Irrigation Month

Short on time or ideas? Tap into ready-made Smart Irrigation Month resources from the Irrigation Association.

As irrigation industry professionals, we understand the value that water-efficient spaces can offer our clients, communities and our businesses.

We help clients improve their landscapes throughout the year with the latest water-savvy technologies, ranging from rain sensors and smart controllers to water efficient sprinklers and beyond. We know summer is especially important, with rising temperatures and increased drought in many regions.

But how are we really doing on getting our very important message across?

The Irrigation Association (IA) dubbed July as Smart Irrigation Month, giving us the perfect opportunity to promote water efficient products and best management practices.

Promoting Smart Irrigation Month can help us open a deeper discussion with our clients and communities—but many of us are strapped. We’re doing more with less: fewer staff members, a smaller budget and less time to develop or implement a strategy for Smart Irrigation Month.

Luckily, the IA has done most of the work for us. Any organization, large or small, has instant access to a variety of Smart Irrigation Month resources to help you promote water efficiency, and in turn, your services as a water-efficiency expert.

Keep it Simple: 5 Smart Ideas for Smart Irrigation Month

1. Review the IA’s ready-made resources.

Quickly and easily implement a Smart Irrigation Month promotion in print or online using resources from the IA’s Smart Irrigation Month website, such as logos, articles, press releases and more.

Water agencies can also get the message across with the IA’s Water Provider Toolkit featuring everything from public service announcements and press releases to bill stuffers and social media snippets.

2. Visit the Idea Gallery.

The IA’s Smart Irrigation Month Idea Gallery is home to a ton of promotional ideas, many of which you can easily and inexpensively implement.

3. Learn from others.

Check out what other Green Industry companies have done to promote Smart Irrigation Month by tuning into a free webinar, viewing samples from winning companies, or visiting the Smart Irrigation Month YouTube channel.

Smart Irrigation Site Checklist4. Promote local rebates and water efficient products. 

Check with your local water agencies to determine what rebates are available. Contact your clients, leveraging Smart Irrigation Month and any applicable local rebates to open a discussion about water savings that can be achieved with irrigation system repairs or water-efficient product upgrades. You may also use Ewing’s free, customizable flyer or smart irrigation site inspection form to assist you in your effort.

5. Enter the IA Smart Marketing Contest.

Looking to build your brand, gain new business and differentiate yourself from the competition? Enter the IA’s Smart Marketing Contest, and your company will earn nationwide recognition just for participating. Submissions for the Smart Marketing Contest are due by August 31, 2012.

Participating in Smart Irrigation Month can help you build your brand, gain new business, and differentiate yourself from the competition. It’s easy, it will help increase your exposure, and can lead to many new opportunities.

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