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5 Unique Ways to Use Synthetic Turf Throughout the Landscape

Synthetic turf has traditionally been used in sports complexes or as a replacement for an entire lawn. If your customer isn’t looking to replace a lawn, but wants to add a green space to their living areas, synthetic turf can be a great option.

Here are five unique ways to incorporate synthetic turf or artificial plants into any landscape.

hardscape1. Integrated into hardscape

Give any hardscape design a little extra color by incorporating synthetic turf into it the pavers. From driveways to walkways or patios, synthetic turf can be combined into any hardscape design.

Hardscape designs are popular with customers looking to lower their water usage. If your customer is looking to keep watering to a minimum, but still wants to give their outdoor space a little life, you can integrate synthetic turf options from EPS Turf in or around hardscape pavers.

Living wall2. “Living” walls

Do your customers love the look of living walls, but hate the upkeep? Adding artificial plants to a wall will achieve the look without the maintenance hassle.

Living walls can liven up otherwise lackluster indoor or outside walls. Utilizing synthetic turf or artificial plants will remove any need to water or care for the area.

Side yard3. Small side yards

For condos or small yards on the side of city houses are perfect spots for artificial turf. If your customer wants to add greenery to their home, but doesn’t have the space for a traditional backyard, adding synthetic turf to small runs on the side of the house will give the space a pop of color without needing to maintain natural turf.

pool4. Around the pool

Including synthetic turf around a pool area will give the space a modern, updated look while also making the area safer. Often, the tiles or decking around the pool become slippery when wet, but synthetic turf will allow kids to run and play around a pool without worrying about slipping and falling.

shutterstock_4494814065. Pet areas or dog runs

Artificial turf areas are easy to clean and keep animals from getting muddy or dirty, which makes it a great solution for pet areas or dog runs. Just remind your customers to keep the area cool during hot days by spraying the area down with water.

Are you incorporating synthetic turf or artificial plants into your landscape designs? Let us know how in the comments below. Looking for more tips on synthetic turf or other landscape ideas, stop by your local Ewing store today for more information.

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