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5 Ways to Make Your Job Estimates More Enticing

If your quoting process is just about the numbers, that could be a costly mistake.

Some friends recently told me they requested an estimate from a landscaper for the home they had just bought and the $500 a month quote they received surprised them.

It may have been a fair price for the job, but they weren’t given any reason why it was that high—a mistake that probably lost that contractor the job.

Whether you’re quoting someone $50 a month or $500, it’s always important to start off on the right foot. Here are a few ideas to help prospective clients feel comfortable in choosing your services.

  1. Don’t assume the client knows what’s included.

Include a list of services that will be provided, when and how often.

Are mowing, fertilizing, pruning and pest control included? What about planting, pool care or overseeding? Or lighting and irrigation maintenance?

Be clear, and note the timing and frequency services, with a brief description. If your clients are new homeowners, let them know what’s standard or recommended, and what can be changed or adjusted to fit their needs and budget.

  1. Make sure your qualifications stand out.

Are you certified by any local or national associations? Are you trained, or do you specialize in the services they need?

Most people feel more secure contracting with someone who is knowledgeable and certified, so make sure to emphasize your qualifications. This can also help people understand why your services may be worth more than a competitor.

  1. Highlight how you’re different.

    A contractor demonstrates the Hydrawise Smart Wi-Fi Irrigation Control System. Image courtesy of Hunter Industries.

Are there other aspects that make your business unique? Are you a family-owned business or local business? Does your company give back to the community? Do you offer organic lawn care, flexible scheduling, remote irrigation monitoring or convenient payment options?

By emphasizing the things that make your company or services special, you can set yourself apart from the competition. And rather than compete against everyone else on price, you can appeal to customers by offering something different.

  1. Package it all together.

When you’re ready to give the client your estimate, packaging it into an easy to read proposal can help you stand out.

In a well-written proposal, you can emphasize your differentiation, your qualifications and all the services you provide, so they’ll be aware of other jobs so they use or recommend you for.

And by making this kind of effort in your estimating process, you can show potential clients the care and commitment you’ll also have on the job.

  1. Make it easy.

If you’re looking for more ways to make estimating easier and faster, you may want to consider services like Hindsite Software and Go iLawn:

  • Hindsite offers estimating, CRM tracking, scheduling and invoicing software all in one package.
  • Go iLawn offers a property measurement tools and a proposal builder, without the need for an on-site visit.

Ewing account holders can also get a discount on Hindsite software or Go iLawn through our EARN program, one advantage of being a Ewing customer!

So the next time you’re asked for an estimate, don’t just give a price—demonstrate the value and what makes your service worth it.

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