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6 Products to Upgrade Outdoor Living Spaces

Summer is the perfect time to upgrade outdoor living areas, and give your clients a space to celebrate with friends and family. In addition to outdoor kitchens and paved pathways, here are some other products you can add to a backyard space to make it a welcoming gathering place for all.

Bubbling Rock Water Features1.    Pet Fountains
Putting in a pet fountain allows your furry friend a place to cool off and get something to drink on long summer days. Consider a pondless or bubbling fountain for a splash of water.


PRIMG SYN EPS Golf2.    Artificial Turf Putting Greens
For the golfer in your family, installing a artificial turf putting green allows for a place to practice, and to show friends and family how to putt. And with EPS Turf Putting Green Synthetic Turf, you can have a long-lasting practice green right in your backyard.


Fire Ring Hardscape Kit3.    Fire Rings
A fire ring in the backyard gives people a place to gather and relax together. It offers warmth and light on chilly nights, and creates a welcoming atmosphere for people of all ages.


Bistro Landscape Lighting4.    Bistro Lighting
Bistro lighting strands fit right in to any landscape, event, or hardscape design to enhance the guest experience, while maintaining a festive atmosphere. The elegant strands of light create an ambient glow that encompasses an entire area, rather than positioning a single, high-wattage “glare bomb” from an elevated position.


PRIMG OL SoniScape Subwoofer5.    SoniScape
SoniScape creates an outdoor sound that is crisp, fresh and bold. With a subwoofer and eight satellite speakers that blend into the landscape, SoniScape provides even sound coverage for up to 1,500 feet—perfect for backyard barbeques, birthday parties and more.


PRIMG Misc Turfgrass Closeup6.    Healthy Turf
Turf helps cool the environment, clean the air, and prevent soil erosion. Creating a backyard with functional turfgrass, gives kids and pets a place to play and enjoy the outdoors. Keep your landscape healthy and thriving with Holganix and AquaSmart Pro!

Good plant nutrition includes more than nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Holganix is a plant-based bionutritional, organic compost tea full of beneficial ingredients that help plants grow strong and healthy.

AquaSmart Pro is a superabsorbent polymer-coated sand that helps your soil retain more moisture and nutrients, so you can water less frequently and still maintain healthy turf.

Stop by your local Ewing to learn more about these additions to your outdoor living spaces.

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