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6 Tools for Faster Fall Landscape Maintenance

Spring may be better known for cleaning, but the fall is prime time for tidying up outdoor spaces as leaves begin to pile up.

Sept. 15 is National Clean Up Day, an effort to get more people out in their communities to clean up, and a great day to plan or kick off your own fall maintenance schedule!

To start the season prepared and help speed up your clean ups, we’ve got seven tools you’ll want on hand so you or your crew can be more efficient on the job.

1. Trash Bags or Squares

If you’ll be mowing and raking or blowing leaves and other yard debris, then stocking up on trash bags or squares is essential.

Trash squares are especially handy for loading up raked leaves and clippings and can be reused, again and again. Choose poly/plastic squares if you’ll be hauling away heavy, wet leaves. If you mostly have grass clippings or dry leaves, burlap squares can help you do the job.

2. Trash Cans 

Over time, your plastic trash bins might start to crack and bend. Take a look to see if you need to replace any damaged cans. Ewing’s bright green trash can is a durable option that’s also easy to see—and less likely to be accidentally left behind!


3. Trash Scoop

This trash scoop just snaps right on to most trash bins, allowing you easily rake, brush or scoop in more leaves and other debris with less spilling and mess—easy and useful!

4. Leaf Rakes, Bags and Scoops

Leaf rakes are obviously a must for the fall. Inspect your rakes to see if you should replace any worn out handles or heads.

There are three main types of leaf rakes, each with different benefits:

  • A fixed-tine rake helps maximize leaf gathering efficiency
  • A spring-brace rake adds durability and prevents twisting tines
  • A wide-head rake can help clean up twice as fast

See which feels best to you. These rakes can also come in handy in the fall during overseeding, to remove thatch and help work your turf seed into soil for better contact.

Ewing Elgin manager, John Owen, also recommends lawn/leaf bags and aluminum scoop shovels as helpful tools for removing leaves and debris for fall clean ups.

5. Push Brooms 

Giving driveways and walkways a quick sweep will leave your client’s properties looking their best. If your brooms are looking bent and just not doing the job, a great replacement could be Corona’s Dual Bristle Push Broom with Scraper—the added scraper is extra helpful for removing stuck leaves, dirt and other residues.

6. Gloves

With all the raking, scooping and sweeping, you’ll be doing you’ll want to have your hands protected. No one wants a blister to slow them down. Stock up on new gloves if yours are showing wear and tear.

More Ideas for Added Fall Revenue

“Pruning tools, seed and starter fertilizer and straw blankets or mulch can also help contractors spruce things up for fall,” recommends Ewing West Chicago manager, Tom Cangelosi.

You can shop for these tools and more on EwingIrrigation.com or stop into your local Ewing store.

And if you’re looking for a few ways to add more revenue this season, check out these Four Ways to Serve Your Customers This Fall.

What other tools are your must-haves for fall maintenance? Tell us in the comments below!

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