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A, B, C, D, Ewing! Learn All About Our Custom Training Solutions!

Different combinations of 26 letters create countless words. Even if it was possible to memorize all of them, new ones —take the verb google for example— are constantly being developed. Dictionaries help us stay on top of official new word developments.

Likewise, Ewing education classes help contractors stay on top of new and exciting things within their trade. While Ewing Education Services offers a plethora of classes nationwide, we also offer custom classes that can be crafted specifically to your current needs.

Interested in a custom training session for your crews? Follow the ABCD formula for success!

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Mike Stuhlsatz is a contractor out of Kansas City, Kan. who has scheduled several Ewing custom training classes for his crews.


The most recent class hosted around 30 people. Topics included irrigation auditing, electrical troubleshooting, hydraulic troubleshooting, and pumps. All topics were tailored to the unique needs of his business through Ewing’s Custom Training Program.


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Book Your Class

The process of getting your class on the calendar is simple. Fill out our online contact form with some specifics of

what you are looking for in a class, and a Ewing representative will contact you to work through setup logistics. Stuhlsatz said scheduling was a pain-free process. In his case, he contacted Aaron Budimlija, Regional Manager for, Regional Manager for Ewing’s Midwest territory, and was connected with a custom training specialist. “Once Aaron and I talked about it, then it was really easy to get it set up,” Stuhlsatz said.


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This is the big one. If you are going to go the extra mile to have a class appear in your area, you want to know that there is going to be positive takeaway for attendees. “My goal with those classes is that they will hopefully walk away with at least one new thing,” Stuhlsatz said.

For both new and longstanding contractors, Stuhlsatz hopes they will learn something new. He said Ewing classes consistently help attendees see that no matter how many years you have been in the business, there is always something new to learn.

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Do It Again

The class is over. The specific topics or problems you wanted discussed have been addressed, but why stop there? There is always more to learn! Stuhlsatz said he “definitely” plans on having another class in his area.

Click here to learn more about scheduling a custom class in your area and help your employees bring their A game to work with Ewing!

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