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A Guide to Sustainable Landscapes

So many of us are interested in doing the right thing for our customers. Words like 'sustainable' and 'green' are thrown about without much information to define what we are talking about.  There are many ordinances, certifications, qualifications and organizations providing information in pamphlets, newsletters, blogs and more. While we want to do right for our clients, it becomes clouded what 'right' means. And if we, the professionals, are getting lost in the information overload, our customers, the end consumers, are even more lost!

The Vice President of Sustainability and Conservation at Ewing Irrigation recently shared with me this excellent white paper, created by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Foundation, which defines a sustainable landscape in simple, concise and clear terms.

It is an excellent introduction to sustainability in the landscape for anyone beginning to become interested in sustainable landscape design and maintenance. It is a must-read for property managers. This document not only defines sustainable landscaping, but also provides strategies for businesses seeking to promote sustainable landscaping at their facilities. Please share this information with a property manager you know, or include in your next bid package.

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