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Add Holganix Lawn to Your Seed Season For Healthier Turf

PRIMG Prod AM HolganixGrow more resilient turf with steady non-surge growth with Holganix Lawn, a Bio 800+ product. Use this organic, living biology to grow long roots for healthy, thick green turf that can better withstand disease, drought and insects, and reduce fertilizer inputs.

Holganix uses a combination of highly evolved, concentrated compost tea with living, beneficial microorganisms and other plant health ingredients to naturally promote a beautiful green lawn. By using Holganix, you adapt an organic-based lawn care program, allowing you to replace up to 75 percent of your traditional fertilizers and 25 percent of your concentrated pesticides.

Holganix Lawn is teeming with life. It’s filled with 800 species of bacteria, more than 20 species of fungi, dozens of other microorganisms and numerous soil amending ingredients. Unlike other biological plant products, Holganix contains an entire community of organisms that are both abundant and diverse.

Does Holganix Lawn really work?

According to Andrew Gabries of Andrew’s Lawn and Landscaping, by going organic, he was able to stand apart form the competition and still compete on price. Gabries sees the organic fertilizer division as his “biggest opportunity for growth.”

Applying Holganix

It’s easy to apply Holganix to your lawn. Use 7 ounces per every thousand square feet. The end solution should be a minimum of 1.5 to 3 gallons per one thousand square feet.

Now that you know how to use Holganix Lawn, go out to your nearest Ewing location to add a jug of Holganix to your next seed order and watch the benefits grow.

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