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An Integrated Irrigation Solution from Munro and Baseline

Two of our partners, Munro and Baseline, have teamed up to provide a new level of control and performance. New options offer easy integration for your Munro Systems StandAlone Pump Station with a BaseStation 3200 controller, without extra hardware, proprietary programming, or add-on services or fees.

The solution is simple and effective for both installers and end users—and the products work together.

Easy to oversee and troubleshoot, Munro’s StandAlone Pump Station can now be continuously monitored, right alongside the rest of your irrigation system. With the BaseStation 3200 irrigation controller’s flow fault shutdown protection, costly damage to the pump station can be avoided. Working together, these features extend the life of the system and protect the customer’s investment.

No hidden costs

Ready to integrate, there’s no additional hardware, no expensive custom programming, and no recurring services or fees required. Remotely access both the pump station controls and the BaseStation 3200 via BaseManager.

Five-year warranty

All this, and a 5-year warranty offered by both Munro and Baseline! That’s the longest pump station warranty available in the irrigation market.

Smarter and more efficient

Instant visibility to pump station activity and performance right from the BaseStation 3200 interface means both systems are smarter and more efficient. A single interface saves money and is easier to use, design, order, install, and maintain.

Have questions about incorporating this integrated solution into your sites? Ask irrigation@ewingirrigation.com.

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