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An Organic Pest Control Solution for Mosquitos and More

When it comes to mosquitos, some view them as problem; others see them as an opportunity.

Being bit by one puts us in a miserably itchy situation. If that weren’t enough, those bites now pose the potential threat of infecting us with the West Nile and Zika viruses.

Many of the commonly applied pest control solutions for mosquitos don’t fit into the current demand for greener, safer products. Because of the risks associated with these pests, people are seeking more organic, natural solutions to protect themselves and the environment. This opens the door for contractors to add a new revenue stream to their business with Mirimichi Green Pest Control.

How It Works

As with most organic products, contractors and their customers will want to know if it is safe and effective. Mirimichi Green Pest Control is a completely natural and organic product containing plant oil extracts, soap and liquid carbon.

The product is non-restricted and contains no neurotoxins. It is a pheromone interrupter that works as a deterrent and repellent while disrupting future egg cycles. Insects will not build up immunities to it like they do with many other pest control ingredients.

As an all-purpose pest control product, Mirimichi Green Pest Control controls mosquitoes and many other unwanted pests, including ticks, fleas, ants, roaches, aphids, no-see-ums (midges) and more. It can be sprayed on turf, bushes, trees, garage/carport, porches, gutters, drains, bird baths, outdoor furniture, fences, woodpiles, compost bins, buckets and more—with complete assurance that people, pets and the environment are safe with proper use and application.

Tried and Tested

Mirimichi Green’s Pest Control formula has been tested by standards set by the World Health Organization at university and private labs with outstanding results, including an 80+ percent kill rate for pests and larvae in a 24-hour period, and a 100 percent kill rate for ticks within 48 hours.  

Testing is one thing, but personal experiences are another. Ewing’s Vice President for the Texas Division, Sean Wimble, recently walked into our Ewing store not long ago complaining of how relentless the mosquitos were at his home. With complete confidence, I said, “Sean, you need Mirimichi Pest Control.” He replied, “Ring me up.”

A few days later he told us that he had sprayed the back of his house and around the front door. Prior to that he said that he could see mosquitos through the glass door waiting for him to open it and let his dogs in, but after spraying he had not seen any mosquitos. Three days later he said, “I still have not seen a single mosquito.”

How many customers are out there waiting for a contractor to give them this same result? The one who does and gives them freedom to enjoy their backyards will be their hero.

How to Use Mirimichi Green Pest Control 

Mirimichi pest control can be applied with a pump sprayer or a backpack tank/sprayer. The latter is the most efficient delivery system for a contractor. The standard application rate is as follows:

  • Foliar spray: Mix 4 to 8 ounces of formula per gallon of water. Shake well before mixing.
  • Spray all shrubs, trees and turf areas. Reapply every 14 to 28 days.
  • One gallon of finished product covers approximately 1,500 to 3,000 square feet, depending on the density of the landscape.

The Business Potential

Undoubtedly, pests are a serious problem and mosquitos pose a threat to anyone who would like to enjoy the outdoors. With Mirimichi Green Pest Control, a contractor can give his customers peace and comfort with a safe and effective solution.

A satisfied customer is your best salesperson, and it isn’t hard to imagine that a happy mom who can take her kids to play into a mosquito free backyard will likely tell all of her friends and family, too.

There is an incredible business potential with Mirimichi Green Pest Control, so talk to your local Ewing store about adding a new income stream to your business.

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