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Kevin Lewis

Kevin Lewis

With 34 years in the green industry, Kevin is a certified arborist and commercial applicator with a degree in Turfgrass Management from The Ohio State University ATI. After working with companies like the John Deere Landscapes team and Ecologel Solutions / Arborjet, Kevin now serves in Technical Services at Ewing.

Recent Posts

To Mow or Not to Mow: Maintaining Turf Through Warm, Dry Conditions

By Kevin Lewis on August 24, 2022
Mowing is one of the most common practices associated with maintaining turfgrass. 

9 Steps You Should Take Before Starting Turf Renovation

By Kevin Lewis on August 11, 2022
So, you say you have no grass left and this summer is way too dry. Now is the time for planning turf renovation and...

Your Plants are Ailing; is it a Surface Issue or Does it Go Deeper? Here’s How to Find Out

By Kevin Lewis on April 14, 2022
It is time to sharpen your plant health diagnostic skills. Whether it is turf, ornamentals, or arborcare, several...

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