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Larry Giroux

Larry Giroux is Ewing's Residential-Commercial Segment Manager. With nearly 30 years of green industry experience, Larry provides Ewing and its customers with a wealth of knowledge of the landscaping business, from products and application to sales and marketing.

Recent Posts

3 Creative Ways to Ensure Your Business Can Run Without You

By Larry Giroux on November 7, 2023
If you aspire to build a valuable company, one crucial factor is to ensure your business can operate independently...

Green Industry Job Opportunities for Women Continue to Grow

By Larry Giroux on August 29, 2023
Women still only make up about 10% of the green industry workforce but they are fiercely passionate about and committed...

Say ‘Yes’ to Pump and Pump Station Projects with Help From Ewing, Munro

By Larry Giroux on July 19, 2023
Don’t walk away from pump or pump station projects just because you’re not comfortable bidding on or installing them....

Don’t Let Your Greatest Business Strength Become Your Weakness

By Larry Giroux on May 16, 2023
What’s your greatest strength as the owner/president of your business? Is it Sales? Marketing? Operations?

5 Industry Trends to Watch in 2023

By Larry Giroux on March 14, 2023
As meteorologists can attest, predicting the future is challenging. With data and feedback from the field, forecasting...

8 Ways to Ensure You’re Building a Valuable Landscape Business

By Larry Giroux on March 2, 2023
The ultimate test of your landscape business can be found in a simple question: would someone want to buy your company?

How Specializing Makes Your Landscape Company Stand Out

By Larry Giroux on January 13, 2023
Specializing in landscape improvements, such as hardscapes and paver enhancements, allows you to focus on delivering...

The Latest on H-2B Visas and the 2023 Season

By Larry Giroux on November 11, 2022
The challenge to find and retain green industry employees has been an ongoing concern. If you have experienced this at...

Where to Start When Your Business Growth Stops

By Larry Giroux on November 8, 2022
Why would two landscape companies in the green industry, with the same financial performance, command vastly different...

Why Delegating Responsibility is Key to Your Business’s Success

By Larry Giroux on August 30, 2022
If you were to draw a picture that visually represents your role in your business, what would it look like? Are you at...

What Dodge Construction Network’s Midyear Outlook Means for You

By Larry Giroux on July 7, 2022
Dodge Construction Network recently hosted four broadcasts by Chief Economist Richard Branch, detailing the company’s...

Navigating the Drought and Water Restrictions: They Won’t Kill Your Landscapes or Your Business if You Don’t Let Them

By Larry Giroux on June 24, 2022
At Ewing, we’re glass-half-full kind of people—and you should be, too. While the drought and water restrictions will...

Water Bans and Drought Restrictions Can Actually Grow Your Business

By Larry Giroux on June 23, 2022
Now’s the time for contractors to turn water bans and restrictions into opportunities to grow your landscape...

6 Ways to Profit from Your Summer Vacation

By Larry Giroux on May 4, 2022
Summer is here, and although it may seem strange, now may be the perfect time to increase the value of your company.

Increase Your Landscape Business’ Value by Turning Repeat Customers into Subscribers

By Larry Giroux on March 22, 2022
Many people think reoccurring and recurring revenue are the same thing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth,...

Five Keys to Achieving Success as an Entrepreneur

By Larry Giroux on February 1, 2022
Your business may be small, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be mighty. Much has been written about what it takes to...

Irrigation and Landscape Trends for 2022 and Beyond

By Larry Giroux on January 10, 2022
Savvy contractors understand that trends, locally or globally, can significantly impact their business. Moreover, they...

How to Inform Clients Your Prices are Increasing

By Larry Giroux on December 14, 2021
If you read our recent New Year, New Budget blog about putting together a sustainable plan for 2022, you know it’s...

What Your Birth Certificate Says About Your Exit Plan

By Larry Giroux on November 22, 2021
In the green industry, we’ve learned that age has a big impact on your attitude toward your business and how you feel...

3 Methods for Determining Business Valuation

By Larry Giroux on August 19, 2021
Business valuation goes beyond simple mathematics, but to get some idea of what your business might be worth, consider...

How to Create a Recurring Revenue Model That Appeals to Your Customers

By Larry Giroux on March 16, 2021
Most business owners understand the benefits of a recurring revenue stream. Predictable cash flow provides peace of...

8 Ways to Grow a More Valuable Business This Year

By Larry Giroux on March 11, 2021
As contractors prepare for the busy landscaping season, company owners are also making plans to keep track of their...

Five Benefits of Building a Sellable Business

By Larry Giroux on January 21, 2021
At the start of a new year, it’s likely that you’re focusing on your business and financial goals if you’re a business...

Solutions and Resources for Contractor Business Owners

By Larry Giroux on January 5, 2021
When owning a business, no matter the industry, there are common challenges and pain points. From expense management to...

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