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Availability, Flexibility Keep 2021 Holiday Lighting Season Looking Bright

This year, more than ever before, it’s important for holiday lighting contractors to partner with their suppliers, to remain flexible on projects and to keep their clients updated on what’s available due to the supply chain challenges we discussed in our previous blog.

Ewing’s professional-grade holiday lighting and greenery shipments have arrived, and products are on the shelves at more than 150 branches across the country, ready for lighting contractors to incorporate into their displays.

Communication is the Best Way to Keep Lighting Installs Moving

No one knows the value of partnering closely with your supplier more than Cameron and Nicole Weiss of First Choice Lights in Roanoke, Texas. They added a walk-thru park display to their already-full slate of 30 commercial and 450 residential holiday projects this year, so securing new product has been critical to keeping those projects on track.

“Communicate, communicate, communicate,” Nicole advises. Throughout the season, she stays in close contact with Matt Reed, an Account Manager at Ewing North Richland Hills, Texas, who specializes in holiday lighting. As soon as a job is sold, she’s on the phone with Matt, asking what lighting and greenery are available so she and Cameron can easily incorporate it into their designs.

When Nicole booked a tree-lighting job in September, Matt quickly provided product for the job, thanks to Ewing’s Texas market presence and commitment to inventory.

Constant communication with Matt, their clients and their employees, remaining flexible on lighting and greenery choices, and scheduling larger installs in phases to coincide with product availability has kept First Choice Lights crews working steadily and on track to meet project deadlines.

Ewing’s commitment to sourcing products based on consistency instills confidence in customers like Nicole and Cameron, who know our high-quality, color-matched products make it possible for them to enhance existing displays and add new projects year after year.

Staying with the Tried and True Won’t Leave You Feeling Blue About Installs

SlimFlex LED Tape Light While Ewing offers a wide array of novelty colors and products, we advise planning displays around core lighting products—warm white, cool white, red, five-color multi, green and blue—to ensure long-term consistency. Then you can work with your Ewing partner to determine what novelty colors and products to incorporate as you finalize your designs.

You can’t go wrong with warm white, which accounts for 80% of holiday lighting sales, because it provides a traditional, nostalgic look that most people love. If you need help with ideas to pitch to your clients, check out our 3 Ideas for Unique Lighting Effects blog.

Stay Flexible to Meet Greenery Challenges

When it comes to greenery, contractors should stay extra-flexible this year. While many importers canceled their greenery orders, Ewing increased its purchases in all holiday lighting categories, including greenery.

Again, it’s important to stay in close contact with your local branches and to let current and potential customers know exactly what’s available for their displays. If 36-inch pre-lit wreaths aren’t available, suggest 48-inch. You also can buy unlit wreaths and garland and wrap them yourself. Just knowing what’s available will help you have a successful holiday season by keeping your crews working steadily and your revenue flowing.

Just ask Nicole and Cameron Weiss, who can’t say enough about how their close working relationship with Matt Reed has helped them successfully navigate lighting challenges they’ve experienced for the first time in the 15 years since starting their company.

“Matt’s been amazing. He always comes through,” Nicole says.

Like his fellow holiday lighting experts—Josh Janz, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Branch Manager; Adam Pederson, Olathe, Kansas, Branch Manager; and Jon Wedge, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Account Manager—Matt exemplifies Ewing’s culture of service and why our customers Lean on Us season after season. Each goes above and beyond for their customers—sourcing product, consulting on design and helping train install crews.

As the 2021 holiday lighting season progresses, Ewing is staying well ahead of supply chain issues to ensure you can provide your clients with eye-catching displays that make their homes and businesses the envy of their neighborhoods.

Visit your local branch or talk with your local Ewing lighting professional to find out more today.

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