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Avoid Irrigation Pump Destruction the ‘Smart’ Way

Purchasing a new irrigation pump is an investment. And just like any other investment, it’s important to protect it against possible damage or loss. When a customer spends money to have their pump installed, they expect it to perform reliably, season after season.

The two most common causes of premature death of irrigation pumps—run-dry and dead-head—are preventable.

Run-dry is when the pump runs without water coming into the suction side. Common causes of run-dry include:

  1. A clogged suction line due to debris buildup on the intake filter.
  2. Loss of pump prime due to an air or water leak.
  3. The water source itself is empty.

Without water, the pump will burn up seals and/or the motor in just a few minutes, resulting in permanent damage that requires a full pump replacement.

Dead-head is when the pump is operating, but water doesn’t flow to the sprinklers. Dead-head commonly occurs when one or more valves isn’t open due to mechanical failure in an electric valve, a controller programming error, or a manual isolation valve is left closed.

Symptoms of deadhead include an unusually hot pump case resulting from internal friction caused by the spinning impeller. The super-heated case water leaves both the pump and the pipework—including pipelines, valves, and fittings—vulnerable to expansion or failure. A deadheading pump destroys itself and much of the connecting piping, too.


Pump Protection—What it Is, What it Does

To prevent customers’ pumps from destructing, select a pump control (pump relay) with pump protection. Munro’s SmartBox offers pump start and pump protection in one, at only a small additional cost. It includes pressure and temperature sensors that monitor the pump’s performance, proactively shutting the pump down in run-dry and dead head.

Including a SmartBox is a simple and efficient way to provide protection against premature death of a pump. It could ultimately prevent plant loss and large, unexpected repair bills for your client, and enhance your reputation as a professional.

We recommend installing the SmartBox proactively on all new systems and offering it at pump replacement, when the customer is motivated to avoid a repeat repair.


Need Help Choosing a Pump or Controller, or Troubleshooting? Lean on Ewing

Ewing’s Pump Hotline offers professional customers assistance with pump selection, pump control selection or pump troubleshooting. If you’re facing a pump-related challenge, call us at (844) PUMP-PRO or email us at info@ewingpumppro.com.

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