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Fall Turf Maintenance and Ideas for Better Baseball Fields

With the approaching fall season, the same principles of preparing turf for winter and spring apply to baseball and softball fields, too. All sections of your fields should receive attention, but the infield takes top priority.

Cool weather turf preparation

Tim Lambert, a Ewing Sports Field Specialist based in Portland, Oregon, recommends a fall fertilizer and pre-emergent application such as Best Dimension 270G Preemergent Herbicide.

Then after the cool season rains help pack in the moisture necessary for ryegrass growth, and once spring comes around, a nitrogen-rich fertilizer such as Best Nitra King will cultivate the already-prepared turf for boosted pre-season growth.

However, the weather patterns of your region may dictate the use of different turf fertilizer and growth products. For example, warm season areas of the country may overseed and areas with less rain may need to increase the frequency your turf needs to be irrigated and treated.

For recommended products tailored to your field's turf needs, consult your local Ewing store for more information.

Consider sustainable irrigation

If drought, excessive water use, or high water costs are a concern for your fields, consider how a sustainable irrigation upgrade can save water and money in the long run.

Regardless of whether your field has residential sprinkler heads or commercially-graded rotors, there are sprinkler options such as Hunter’s I-20 PRB which can regulate pressure, prevent low-head drainage and save water.

Coupling water-efficient sprinklers with smart controllers and accessories made by Hunter and Rain Bird can offer even more water savings. Smart controllers not only adjust irrigation levels based on the weather or other factors, they can also be controlled via Wi-Fi-capable devices such a smartphone.

It may be an investment to upgrade your irrigation system in this way, but driving down water bills quickly make up for the upfront costs, especially in areas with high water costs.

Make the field your own

Fall can be a good time to research your paint options as well, or to invest in an airless field striper.

When it comes to field paint, paying careful attention to the precision and visibility of your foul lines will also impress any team playing on the field. A fair game matters to them, and accurately-aligned foul lines can make a huge difference.

While having a safe and playable field is certainly desirable, why not add a little bit of personality to it?

A local Ewing sales rep can coordinate the production of a custom-designed paint stencil to imprint a league, home team, or sponsor logo onto your field.

Whether your goal is to save money, make field preparations easier in the spring, or just produce a better field in general, the fall season is a great time choose the best course of action for your fields.

For any questions about sport field products and solutions, contact your local Ewing branch or a Ewing sport field specialist.

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