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Capitalize on Outdoor Living Trends to Earn Revenue with These Project Ideas

With more people staying home due to COVID-19, outdoor spaces have turned into homeowners’ reprieve from long days spent inside working remotely and attending school online. This can be a huge opportunity for landscaping companies across the country. You can take advantage of the outdoor living trend with these easy service-offering ideas.

Pavers, Sealers and Glue

Hardscape paver installations and maintenance jobs are a simple way to get started in outdoor living. Pavers and other hardscapes are long-lasting features that can transform any space, but even though they have long lifespans they will need refreshing from time to time.

To earn additional revenue this season, start by offering hardscape maintenance or small install jobs. From cleaning to resealing, there are a variety of things you can offer your clients when it comes to hardscapes.

Check out this Ewing video for how to clean and seal landscape pavers.

Outdoor and Holiday Lighting

Lighting is one project that can completely change an outdoor environment. With the right fixtures and placement, lighting can turn a dark, unusable outdoor space into a nighttime oasis.

With a variety of styles and lamp options, you can easily pitch this project to customers. For more information on how to pitch lighting projects, check out our blog on lighting bids.

Fire Features

A backyard fire pit might not seem like an easy job, but with RTF Systems, you can save on labor and build a ready-to-finish fire pit in just eight hours. RTF fire pits come pre-drilled and with flat packaging for easy assembly, storage and transportation. This Ewing blog offers additional information on the RTF’s flexible designs and upgrade options.

Next time you’re working with a customer who wants to spend even more time in their backyard, talk to them about installing an RTF System.

Outdoor Kitchens

Building outdoor kitchens can be just as complex as their indoor counterparts, with specialized subcontractors and custom materials required throughout the build. However, there’s an easier and faster way to build these profitable projects.

Almost any landscape installer can build an outdoor kitchen—it just takes the right kitchen package. By offering clients a pre-designed kitchen package from Ewing, contractors can build outdoor kitchens without the need for design expertise or time-consuming building methods.

Each package features high-quality grill options, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and block construction. There are four unique size options to choose from to fit a wide range of client, budget and space requirements. Find out more about Ewing’s outdoor kitchen packages in this blog.

Take advantage of the popularity of the latest outdoor living trends with these easy to incorporate services. With the ability to turn anyone’s backyard into an outdoor oasis you can turn a new customer into a repeat customer.

Choose any of these services to earn additional revenue this year. For more information on these products and how to get started in outdoor living services, contact your local Ewing store.

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