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The Business Case for Ongoing Education

Two important questions any business owner should ask are “What are the business goals?” and “What resources are available to help you succeed?” When you partner with Ewing, the Ewing Education team provides opportunities to learn skills and continued education credits, stay up to date on industry trends and learn about helpful business tips. After our free webinars, the video is added to our library of past courses online for you to access at any time.

Find out how Ewing Education can benefit your business below.

Learning Essential and Advanced Skills

For many companies, training can be a time-consuming task but essential for the overall success. The Ewing Education team provides online webinars to help alleviate that burden. Whether the need is to brush up on basic skills or add a new service, our classes are focused on presenting the current trends of the industry. After our free webinars, the video is added to our library of past courses online for you to access at any time.

Some of these courses include:

What about the employees who speak Spanish? We’ve got you covered there too! Our Instructors, Jaime B. and Raul G., present classes in Spanish to make sure the content is available for all your employees. Our past Spanish courses include:

“Your class was very informative and will definitely assist me in troubleshooting sites in the upcoming growing season,” said Matt C. after attending our Hydraulic Troubleshooting online webinar.

Need to complete state-required continuing education credits for your contractor’s license? Ewing Education has worked with several states to provide online courses to fulfill the credits per your local state. Check our upcoming courses and sign up to earn the state required units.

Stay on Top of Industry Trends

New products and updates to technology are constantly coming out, and with these changes comes the challenge to learn the benefits of the new products.

There was a time when LED lights were new in landscape lighting. Now they are the preferred choice to save on energy and repair costs. Smart Irrigation products are still new to many homeowners, cities and businesses. The benefits of Smart Irrigation products include weather sensors to skip scheduled watering to avoid flooding or overwatering which can cause lawns to die. To help you stay on top of industry trends and changes, our online library of webinars provides you with several educational videos to help identity and embrace the new trends in the industry.

Macabee M. attended our Pesticide Application & Diagnosing Plant Problems course and shared with us, “So much information being upgraded and changed. [It’s] hard to keep up. Thanks for being so concise about all this. It really does help.”

Webinars Based on Your Needs

What topics are important to your business? Contact our education team at education@ewingirrigation.com to request webinar topics that will help your business succeed in 2021 and beyond. Our Education Team is proud to serve you and help your business with these learning opportunities.

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