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Commit to a Beautiful Tomorrow and Sign the New Landscape Declaration

When a good idea is properly cared for it can grow and blossom into a positive impact. The Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) has planted the seed for a movement that will challenge landscape architects to consider designs that will complement and enrich nature.

The New Landscape Declaration expresses a new vision for the landscape architecture industry in the 21st century. Ewing is proud to take part in this movement and help others in the industry enhance nature’s beauty.

Steve McCarter, National Public Agency and Specification Manager for Ewing, is working to promote the declaration and encourage design professionals to think critically about how a project could positively or negatively impact the environment.

“Everyday we work closely with built environment professionals in asserting the vital role of landscape architecture in solving the defining issues of our time,” he said.

Living walls stand tall as excellent examples of architecture and nature blossoming together. Ewing recently supplied products for a living wall project at the New Orleans City Park, which was established in 1854.

“A living wall is a great way to enhance almost any vertical structure,” McCarter said.

The project helps guide visitors to a new entrance in the park and highlights two new main pathways. It adds a beautiful touch to a historic location.

Ewing carries the products contractors need to create living walls and many other structures that can grow with nature, not inhibit it.

If you work in the landscape architecture industry and want to challenge yourself to dig deeper and find design solutions that promote unity among people and nature, consider signing the declaration here.

Make the commitment to start growing a beautiful tomorrow today.

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