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Contest Time: Ewing's Education Appreciation Month

This October, you can learn all about the new training classes being offered by Ewing and enter our Education Appreciation Contest!

You’ll get the chance to win our grand prize – FREE registration to a Ewing workshop – and some other great prizes, including:

  • Volt/Ohm Meter
  • Irri-Tool
  • Pressure Testing Kit
  • Dry Mat and AquaSmart Shaker

Be sure to read our official contest rules for details.

Enter the Contest

Just answer the questions posted each week (Oct. 5-31) on our blog, Facebook post or on Twitter.

FIRST QUESTION: What do you do to continue to learn and grow your skills?

Answer this question by posting in our comments below and you’ll be entered to win our prize this week: a volt/ohm multimeter! If you don't have one of these in your toolbox, learn why it's a MUST for troubleshooting electrical problems on conventional system, says Ewing instructor Jeffrey Knight. You can learn more about irrigation troubleshooting Ewing's irrigation training classes this year.

Answers will be judged for thoroughness and quality, so give us the best you got!

NOTE: Comments will only appear after approval from a moderator.

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