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Create Sustainable Green Spaces

As we ease into summer (well, not really, because it’s over 118 degrees here in Phoenix already), it’s a great time to think about what kind of activities you and your family can do outdoors. Whether that is a trip to local park, working in a community garden, or even just enjoying an afternoon in your backyard landscape, the original “green industry” helps connect people with nature and bring them outdoors every day!

There are approximately 50 million acres of managed green space in the United States. As our communities become more urbanized with a strong interest for people to move into the city, those managed green spaces become even more important. We need places for our kids and pets to play within our communities. Without our industry, many of those managed green spaces wouldn’t exist.

Green WallYou can create green spaces with some simple projects you can add to your backyard or add into your service offerings:

 Managing Green Spaces Responsibly

At the same time, we also should act responsibly by managing these spaces in as sustainable of a way as possible. Ewing has the resources and tools available to do that today, whether it's using organic products to improve soil and landscape health or efficient irrigation emission devices (drip irrigation, smart controllers).

Stop by your local Ewing to find these products and more to create sustainable green spaces in your community.

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