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Don’t Leave Your Golf Course’s Revenue in the Dark

Do activities at your golf course fade to black when the sun sets and your outdoor spaces go dark? If you aren’t utilizing your clubhouse and patio for evening events, you may be losing out on significant revenue.

Some well-placed outdoor lighting can transform your clubhouse into a place where members can enjoy views under the stars while they unwind, and where groups that want to enjoy fresh air and outdoor ambiance can schedule parties, weddings, anniversaries, meetings and other nighttime gatherings.

Thanks to advances in smart technology and color-changing RGBw (red, green, blue and warm white) LED lighting, your team or lighting contractor can install lights one time, then use a smart device to create a holiday-themed display or set the mood for an event. In just minutes, you can match company logos, sports team colors, wedding and baby shower colors and more to customize the event experience.

For tips on how to make your outdoor spaces shine during events and other benefits of smart lighting, check out our Smart Tech Can Make Life Brighter and Easier blog article.

Set a Mood with Low-Voltage Bistro Lighting

Bistro lighting, also known as string lighting, has gained popularity over the past few years because it allows you to set a mood by complementing traditional landscape lighting.

Low-voltage bistro lights add a softer glow to events than 120v bistro strings. For more on 12v bistro lighting versatility and how to use it to make your clubhouse patio sparkle, visit our blog article on the subject.

Lean on Ewing for Creative Lighting Solutions

Outdoor living is about seamlessly overlapping layers of lifestyle enhancement, from hardscape areas to fire pits and water features that drown out traffic noise with the sound of gently splashing water.

Ultimately, lighting ties everything together while providing a safe environment after dark. For example, you can combine bistro lighting with classy holiday decor and add starbursts and other animated lights to create a whimsical atmosphere that’s both festive and functional.

The possibilities for transforming your course’s outdoor event space with the flip of a switch are endless and can seem daunting, but choosing the right landscape and holiday lighting doesn’t have to be difficult. Ewing’s team of experts is happy to help! Reach out to your account manager or drop by your local branch to discuss your course’s needs or to set up a lighting demo.

You also can find more bright ideas by checking out our blog and YouTube video libraries, and signing up for our newsletters.

Reach out to your account manager, drop by your local Ewing or email us at ewinggolf@ewingirrigation.com to learn more about transforming your outdoor event space today!