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Easing Drought Stress by Going Green with Holganix

How landscapers and golf courses use Holganix to beat drought stress with fewer chemicals and fertilizers.

PRIMG AM Holganix JugWith the drought ravaging California and the better part of the Western United States, many of us reduced watering schedules, and our landscapes and turf began to show signs of stress. We needed a solution to save our plants, and for me, the solution was delivered in a stainless steel refrigerator. Inside it was Holganix.

Holganix is an organic concentrated compost tea with other added bio-nutritional ingredients. Compost teas have been used for hundreds of years, and are essentially liquid fertilizer and a natural disease suppressor. Holganix promotes the uptake of beneficial nutrients by plants, lowering the amount of chemicals required to achieve strong healthy, vibrant turf, shrubs, flowers and trees.

Holganix offers a range of liquid products for golf, trees and shrubs, blooms, and lawn use. Each specific blend promotes healthy growth for different types of plants. For example, the molasses in Holganix boosts the bacteria in the mixture, making it especially good for turf. If a liquid application is not possible, there are also two granular options, which have a low odor and low dust, making them safer and more pleasant to work with.

With all the beneficial bio-nutrients integrated into Holganix, it is more than capable of functioning as a standalone lawn care product. However, given the time necessary to build up nutrient levels in the soil, customers would have to wait patiently to see the desired results. It’s recommended that users still integrate a small fraction (teaspoon vs. tablespoon) of their usual chemical and/or fertilizer applications for more immediate results.

Reviews from the Field

The reviews from our contractor customers have been overwhelmingly positive. One was amazed to have effective weed control, while using 75 percent fewer pesticides. Holganix has allowed them to stand apart from their competitors, and gain even more customers.

Customers have also seen Holganix help their properties look better and repair pet-damaged lawns, with less maintenance and less water. As Holganix builds deeper, healthier root systems, it allows for less frequent watering while maintaining desirable appearance of turf.

One of our golf course superintendent customers also had stronger and deeper roots, providing better stress management and healthier turf. He used to have roots ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 inches, which are now consistently reaching 4-inch depths throughout the entire season with Holganix.

Many users also report cost savings in the forms of reduced labor from fewer weeds and reduced applications of chemical weed control products and fertilizer.

PRIMG AM Holganix Before AfterUsing Holganix

Holganix can be stored at room temperature for up to 36 hours, but should be refrigerated at 33 to 44 degrees for longer storage. If you cannot use it within the recommended time after purchase, on-site refrigeration may be the answer. Holganix can provide clients with refrigeration units for 8, 30 or 140 jugs.

Holganix is applied by use of any kind of spray system, whether it's a tank sprayer, backpack sprayer, hose-end sprayer, etc. Even injectors can be used. For best results, the product should be sprayed both topically and as a soil drench. Applications should be made every 6-8 weeks.

Go Organic and Grow Your Business

Business owners are often thinking of ways to stand out from competition. Going organic can be that game-changer. The vast majority of San Luis Obispo county residents desire sustainable, organic products and seek out those options on a regular basis.

You can feel good about using Holganix, too. With each jug of Holganix purchased, an estimated 80 pounds of nitrates, 20 pounds of phosphates, and 75 ounces of concentrated pesticides are eliminated.

Whether you are going green in your business is your or your customer’s preference, Holganix is the solution. Add Holganix to your program this year, and see the difference a more diverse and robust ecosystem can make.


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