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Enhance Turf’s Structural Strength and Aesthetic Appeal with Grass-Cel Pavers

Struggling to solve soil compaction issues in turfgrass areas with a lot of foot or vehicle traffic? Grass pavers may be your solution.

Grass-Cels from Landscape Products are porous honeycomb pavers made of high-impact polypropylene with UV inhibitors. Grass-Cels can protect and stabilize turfgrass on areas with high pedestrian use, and also on driveways, parking areas and service roads with light vehicle traffic.

Just by being there, Grass-Cels make the ground strong
When combined, these pavers can hold turf, combining natural beauty with structural strength. Each cell has a round opening at its base for air, water and nutrients to pass through and into the soil below. Slots in the cell walls allow roots, stolons and rhizomes to move freely from cell to cell. Grass roots extend through the cells and bind them to the surface—the longer a Grass-Cel structure is in the ground, the stronger the surface becomes.

Each structure includes 30 Grass-Cels, with a 1-inch opening at the base for locking tabs and slots. Each piece is 13 x 12 x 1.5 inches and the structures can support 70,000 pounds per square foot.

primg-hs-grass-cels-2Create unique shapes easily and affordably with Grass-Cels
The cells’ versatility makes them convenient and efficient for applications with shapes beyond squares and rectangles. For Dan Veltkamp, a Ewing account manager based out of Portland, Ore., introducing a contractor to Grass-Cel pavers helped expedite 1,750 square feet of grass paver construction at a residential project.

“The project’s design meant he had to match up to curves with the pavers. With Landscape Products, they can cut off little corners as they went around the curves,” said Veltkamp.

“With other options, they would’ve laid out big rolls of grass pavers and cut large chunks off. They chose the Grass-Cel from Landscape Products because it gave them more flexibility and it has less waste,” he added.

Applying Grass-Cels is an affordable, easy and efficient solution to enhancing the aesthetic beauty and structural strength of many turfgrass areas. To learn more about how grass pavers can benefit the sites you manage—and earn you installation work with new projects—visit your local Ewing store.

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