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Resources for Your Business: Ewing Education

From training and expanding services to marketing and administrative tips, Ewing Education is here to help your business! Ewing Education offers webinars, state-approved courses for state licenses across the country and blogs. Here are some ways Ewing Education can benefit your business.

General Education Webinars

The success of any business is rooted in the knowledge and skills of the employees. But for many companies, training can be a time-consuming chore. We are here to help train your employees, whether it is to strengthen a skill set or learn a new one.

Each month, Ewing hosts webinars on a range of topics for professionals, seasoned professionals or those new to the green industry. Ewing's free, one-hour courses are tailored to focus on the basic services essential in landscaping and irrigation.

For those contractors and businesses with some tenure, our paid classes are 2+ hours long and provide an opportunity to dive deep into the nuances that can elevate techniques and highlight the industry's latest trends. When you, or your staff, attend a paid course, save the receipts! The cost can be a tax write off as a business expense.

These webinars often include troubleshooting tutorials for diagnosing common problems in the field. An example of this is our 3-part series on "Electrical and Valve Troubleshooting." Part One covers testing an irrigation system, Part Two focused on replacing defective valves, and Part Three reviewed how to determine the cause of valve failure. After the live webinars, recordings are available on EwingIrrigation.com to view at your convenience.

Check out our library of webinars for training opportunities.

Earn State License Credits

Another benefit of Ewing Education is state-approved courses to earn credits towards contractors' state licenses. The challenges of 2020 limited opportunities for many contractors to attend continuing education courses. However, Ewing now offers web-based opportunities to earn these credits from the comfort and safety of your home!

Courses approved by the state provide a thorough review of the subject per the state-approved curriculum. Ewing's Education Team will submit the attendee list and other requirements per the state board to assist you in receiving the credits. While this is the most common process, some states place the responsibility on the contractors. When that is the case, our team will explain the process for redeeming the course credits.

The upcoming courses eligible for state credits are listed online.

Resources for Expanding Services

Businesses are often looking at ways to create another revenue stream. It is common to have challenges when adding a new service, but Ewing provides resources to simplify the process.

For example, a lawn maintenance company may consider adding seasonal overseeding services to their existing business offerings. Overseed provides new seed and nutrients to the lawn for healthy, full grass year-round. Like any other service, having success with this service is dependent on the details. What time of year is ideal for overseeding? What is the application process? These are some of the questions covered in our "Seeding for Success: Cool Season Grasses" webinar.

Perhaps your company is ready to expand services to include holiday lighting. In a blog, "How to Add Holiday Lighting as a Service," our lighting expert shares the tips for offering this option to your customers and giving them back some precious holiday time and keeping your employees busy during a usually slow season.

The options for training, earning state credits and bringing new services to your business are just some parts of building your business. What about administrative resources?

Owning and operating a business comes with its own challenges. These challenges can be overwhelming; however, by being a partner with Ewing, you can access the tools to meet those challenges head-on.

Ewing hosted a webinar to assist your "Break-even Analysis" of your business. This course included determining revenue with fixed and variable expenses, knowing at what point your company is generating profit. Once you've completed this analysis, a secondary resource is our "4 Tips for Long Term Business Success".

Whatever the goal is for your company, Ewing is here to support your goals with educational resources covering a wide range of topics to help you grow your business.

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