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The People Side of Golf Course Management

Golf course maintenance professionals manage more than fairways. From employee retention to conflict capacity to labor management, here’s a repository of articles to supercharge your leadership and professional skills.

We’re dedicated to being a resource for golf course maintenance professionals for solutions, product knowledge and troubleshooting. Let us know if there is a topic you would like to know more about that’s not covered here.

Managing Your Team

ewing-irrigation-golf-six-rules-labor-management6 Rules for Labor Management

One of the most difficult and expensive tasks for a superintendent is managing your labor force. These six suggestions by Bradley S. Klein, Ph.D., at Golf Course Industry will help you manage that very important resource.

ewing-irrigation-golf-how-leaders-can-build-conflict-capacityHow Leaders Can Start Building Conflict Capacity

Conflicts are a part of all aspects of life and especially in the workplace, regardless of where that workplace is. Here are some tips by Marlene Chism at SmartBrief on dealing with conflict as a leader.

ewing-irrigation-golf-stop-bossing-your-empoyees-aroundStop Bossing Your Crew Around - Improve Delegation Instead

Superintendents can support their employees by establishing a clear understanding of goals and objectives, creating teams and delegating effectively. Read more by Dave Fellman in this article from Irrigation and Green Industry Magazine.

Retaining Your Team

ewing-irrigation-workforce-leaving-does-anyone-care-enough-to-stop-them26% of the Workforce is Leaving! Does Anyone Care Enough to Stop Them?

As it gets harder and harder to get employees to work on your crew, it's also harder to retain the workers you have. Ewing's Executive Coach, Paul Glover, has some great advice for retaining workers in this article on LinkedIn.

ewing-irrigation-attract-retain-great-employees5 Tips to Attract and Retain Great Employees

It's more difficult than ever to get employees to work on your crew. GGA Partners shares five tips to not only attract new employees but retain the good ones.

ewing-irrigation-golf-why-good-employees-leaveWhy the Good Ones Leave

Ever wonder why good employees won't stay while you have others that you wish would leave? This LinkedIn article written by Ewing's Executive Coach, Paul Glover, provides insight and suggestions on how to retain good employees and increase the morale of the team.

Improve Your Skills

ewing-irrigation-five-simple-ways-to-increase-professionalism5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Professionalism

Superintendents have a tough job, and one aspect is how members and players see you. Increasing your professionalism can never be a bad thing. Read more by Jorge Croda, CGCS, and Anthony L. Williams, CGCS, at GCMonline.

ewing-irrigation-five-ways-to-delegate-tasks-and-remain-good-leader5 Ways to Delegate Tasks and Remain a Good Leader

It's human nature to always want to do things yourself, but the sign of a good leader is when they can delegate important tasks. Here are five ways to delegate tasks and remain a good leader by Jack Dillon from Golf Inc.

ewing-irrigation-ways-practice-empathetic-leadershipThree Successful Ways to Practice Empathetic Leadership in the Workplace

With the effects of the pandemic still lingering, the way you lead has changed. This article by Ewing's Executive Coach, Paul Glover, in Forbes discusses empathy and how you can employ it to retain and lead your teams.