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Ewing Website Improvements Streamline Online Ordering Processes

For 20 years, Ewing has offered online tools to help you estimate the cost of projects, purchase products, manage your account financials, and get more out of your Ewing account.

We aim to extend the Blue Counter experience online by quickly providing reliable information whenever and wherever you need it. To meet that expectation, we have completed an update to our website, Ewingirrigation.com, that significantly improves site speed, search results, and mobile interaction.

We have added new features and improvements to the site:

Updated Account Balance Page and Payment on Account for Credit Customers

Using Ewingirrigation.com is the easiest way to see your account balance, make payments, and review your invoices and purchase history. The Account Balance page received a significant design update that now matches the look and feel of the statement you receive in the mail. The page also more clearly displays Balance Due Now, Aging Detail, and payment options.

Based on your feedback, we streamlined the payment on account process to make it more straightforward. We also updated the ability to save and reuse payment accounts, making it easier to manage and remove expired accounts.


Updated Invoice History Provides More Access 

Invoice history offers more than a year’s worth of history, so you have access to all the financial details you need to reconcile your account from the past year. The invoice detail page now more closely matches the invoices you receive in-store, so they look similar when you print them out.

With a host of new filters that allow you to search, sort, and filter your invoices, a more detailed purchase summary, and the ability to download invoices to a spreadsheet, you have more flexibility than ever to use our website as a self-service accounting portal. And for the first time, the Accounting Portal is mobile-friendly, allowing you to see your account balance more easily, and look up invoices while on the go.

Reorder Workflows and Item Lists Help You Save Time 

To make your time on our website more productive, we have made improvements to our workflows that allow you to reorder or create lists from both Invoice History and Order History.

For those who were familiar with previous versions of the site, we merged Lists and Assemblies into one, more robust function.

You can use lists to create quick quotes by saving your cart as a list, or you can save time by using a list as a reorder catalog by searching just the contents of your list instead of searching our entire catalog. You can add items to your cart individually or as packages.


Export Our Pricing into Your Estimating Platform

Did you know you can download your lists to export our pricing and product information to a generic CSV spreadsheet file? This feature gives you the ability to import our product numbers and pricing into your estimating platform to further help with your estimating process.


In-Stock Status Filter and Check Nearby Stores Helps You Narrow Down Locations 

This latest website update includes an In-Stock status filter that allows you to filter product search results to only display items that are in stock at the location you have selected. If an item is not in stock, you can Check Nearby Stores for their inventory. That allows you to either purchase from another Ewing store or add the item at your current store, knowing that we can stock transfer the item quickly.



As a leader in the green industry, Ewing is committed to you and to constantly improving our digital capabilities to ensure you can lean on us online like you do in-store.


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