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Ewing’s Top Tips for Sports Fields: Tamping Clay

Tamp SleeveWhen tamping batter’s box clay or repairing pitcher’s mound clay, how do you keep clay from sticking to the bottom of the tamp?

Because of the moisture in clay products, when a metal tamp hits against the clay, it will stick and make this task much more time-consuming.

The best way to avoid this is to put some kind of barrier between the tamp and the clay. Some ground crew members go with a used plastic bag, but the best way is to use a tamp sleeve. This vinyl sleeve quickly and neatly fits over the tamp bottom. This sleeve prevents that sticking clay. No longer will you have a messy tamp day! Happy tamping!

The tools you need to maintain your fields are available at your local Ewing and can be found in our Sports Fields Equipment and Maintenance Products catalog. If you have questions, contact your Ewing sports field specialist or local store for help.


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