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Five Business Tools to Help You Grow in 2017

As you race toward the finish line of 2016 and plan your 2017 goals, Ewing’s tools and services can help you on your way to success. Ewing strives to be a partner in business for our customers—business owners just like you—and that’s why we offer you tools, services and experiences to make you better.

“When our customers succeed, Ewing succeeds. That's why we value our relationships with our customers,” said Steven Johnston, East Coast Regional Manager at Ewing. “Once we establish relationships with our customers, they see the true value that Ewing brings and they see our passion to help make them successful.”

Ewing Education ServicesEwing Education Services: “I believe one of the most impactful areas where we do this is through education,” Johnston said. “Through what starts out for most is a CEU opportunity, customers are exposed to not just the BEST trainers around, but to sincere business partners. Above all, our customers are exposed to great service and customer experiences that most others cannot equal. That keeps them coming back for more.” See what classes are coming to your area on EwingEducationServices.com.

Smart Irrigation Awareness Flyer: Promote your water-smart business with these fillable flyers. Show prospective clients that you are a business that is water conscious, and can help them save water with smart controllers, drip irrigation or efficient sprinklers! Download the flyer, input your business info and hand out along your regular job route to prospective clients.

Water Smart Site Checklist: Once those prospective clients have given you a call, take this water smart site checklist out on your first visit to their home, make note of what they have or what they need and then you’re ready to make suggestions on how they can improve their water savings!

Smart Irrigation Solutions Worksheet: You’ve walked the site and filled out the site checklist—now you can talk to clients about potential solutions to help them save water and money. With the Smart Irrigation Solutions worksheet, you can note what you suggest as far as new installations or repairs, show them the potential water savings and start a conversation about how you can help them.

PRIMG Misc Hands SoilSoil Testing: Soil testing can help you determine the proper amount of fertilizer to apply and identify opportunities to fine-tune cultural practices (such as mowing height or frequency) or management (like irrigation run times) approaches that can impact fertility. Ewing provides expert consultation on soil and soil building, and offers complete soil testing capabilities through AgSource Harris. Contact your local Ewing store for soil testing assistance in your area.

Stop by your local Ewing store to learn more about the tools we have available to support your business, so you can grow in 2017.

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