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From Pump Selection to Troubleshooting—Ewing’s Pump Hotline Experts are Here to Assist

Ewing’s Pump Hotline is available for help with your professional pump questions. Our pump experts provide assistance with pump selection, pump controls, and troubleshooting on the pump projects our customers commonly encounter, including:

  • Irrigation
  • Water features
  • Dewatering, drainage, and sump
  • Rainwater harvesting 

 How does the Ewing Pump Hotline work? When you have a pump question, call 1-844-PUMP-PRO or email our pump experts at info@ewingpumppro.com. It’s that easy! We can help with all brands. 

3 Tips for Selecting an Irrigation Pump
Check out these helpful tips for selecting an irrigation pump, provided by our pump experts:

  • Know your system’s GPM requirement—a simple calculation of the sprinkler manufacturer’s required gallons per minute (GPM) multiplied by the number of heads present in your largest zone will give you the total GPM your system requires.
  • Know the available power source—you will need a pump that can run efficiently off the power available at the application site. What voltage is available (110V or 220V?), single-phase, or three-phase?
  • Know your water accessibility—distance from the water to the pump, required lift (elevation change from the intake to the pump), and water quality (will intake filtration be needed?) are all important considerations in pump sizing and selection.
Need more information? Reach out to the Ewing Pump Hotline experts at 1-844-PUMP-PRO or info@ewingpumppro.com. today!

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