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Get Smart + Save Water With Efficient Irrigation Systems

This July, get smart and save water! Landscapes are our livelihoods, and water is our greatest resource. Help save water with these water-smart irrigation products.

PRIMG IR HE-VAN FlowersRain Bird HE-VAN Nozzles are high-efficiency spray nozzles that offer more uniform irrigation coverage to increase water efficiency and reduce run times.



PRIMG Prod Rain Bird ESP-STMeThe Rain Bird ESP-SMTe smart irrigation control system offers easy programming, seasonal adjustment and delayed watering features that help save water.



PRIMG Prod Hunter Rain ClikHunter’s Rain-Clik® Wireless Sensor stops irrigation during rain to avoid watering when it’s not needed.




PRIMG Prod Landscape Products Tubing in a Bucket

Landscape Products ¼-Inch Tubing in a Bucket keeps drip tubing handy in an easy dispensing bucket. The tubing is made of high quality polyethylene and comes in a five-gallon bucket.



PRIMG Prod LSP Drip Conversion KitQuickly and easily convert sprinklers to drip irrigation with the Landscape Products Retro Drip Adapter. Screw it into a ½-inch riser to replace the sprinkler head and start reducing overspray.



With help from Ewing, you can save water and maintain beautiful landscapes. Find these and more July product specials on EwingIrrigation.com.

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