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Get Smart + Save Water With Ewing’s Sales Tools

Get smart and save water this July! Landscapes are our livelihoods and water is our greatest resource. That’s why Ewing created some sales tools for contractors like you to use when talking to your clients about saving water.

Landscape Water Score Card: Use this scorecard to calculate your landscape and irrigation water score. Download this PDF in both English or Spanish, and use it on site visits and in your own yard to find out how water-smart you are. Simply answer yes or no to the questions on the score card, and then add up your “yes” answers to learn your score!



Water Smart Site Checklist: Print and complete this inspection checklist during property visits. As you are walking the site, check the yes or no box for each of the items in the controller, valve and sprinkler/zone categories. You can make additional notes or recommend other ways to save water. (Tip: You’ll need Adobe Reader to customize the flyer.)

Smart Irrigation Solutions: This proposal form can be used to present recommendations to your clients. Check off the smart irrigation features you recommend for the site, and fill in the potential water savings. Use this to help guide your conversation, and let the property owner know what they could save if they installed various features. You can make other recommended repairs and notes, add your company information and share it with your client or potential client. (Tip: You’ll need Adobe Reader to customize the flyer.)

PRIMG SIM FlyerAwareness Flyer: Promote your business and water-saving services with our flyer. Let people know you are available for their water saving needs, like smart controllers, drip irrigation and efficient sprinklers. Just download the PDF, personalize it with your company information and print and distribute to potential clients. (Tip: You’ll need Adobe Reader to customize the flyer.)

Find these tools and other products to save water on EwingIrrigation.com/SaveWater.

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