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Going Green in the Green Industry

One of the most important and also often neglected areas of the landscape is the soil. Proper soil health will lead to better quality plants, a reduction in water use and inputs.

A sustainable landscape starts with a nutrient rich soil. As part of Ewing’s Sustainable Solutions product offering, we’ve partnered with Holganix—a 100% organic, plant probiotic, bio-nutritional soil amendment that builds strong roots and healthier plants.

Recently I had the opportunity to participate on a webinar with Holganix where we discussed how sustainability and soil health go hand-in-hand. In my presentation, I provided an overview of my background and interest in sustainability, as well as Ewing’s focus on sustainability and where we see the industry going.

Some of the key takeaways include:

  • Soil is crucial to sustainable turf/plant management. If you’re going to have healthy plants, you need to start with healthy soil.
  • Healthy soil leads to less input of water, fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Healthy soil texture allows roots to grow and get the nutrients the plants need.

To learn more about sustainability, the future of the industry and Holganix, watch the full recording of the webinar on YouTube.

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