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Make Ewing a Part of Your Team!

We’ll work hard to help you maintain optimal playing conditions on your golf course and support your renovation projects. With access to a dedicated team and through our partnerships with the industry’s top manufacturers, you have access to quality products in-stock when you need them. 

But we’re committed to more than providing irrigation and landscape supplies. Whether you’re a new pro or an industry vet, we’re committed to helping golf course maintenance professionals succeed. No matter what you’re working on, Ewing has the products and experience to help you attain golf course perfection. View your options below, and contact the Ewing Golf Team through the links below with any questions.

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Meet the Ewing Technical Services Team

Questions Welcome - Ask Us About Everything Turf-Care Related

We’ve launched the Ewing T&O Solutions Helpline, available at 480-669-8791 or by email. Manned by Kevin Lewis and Pat Gross, the helpline is your resource when fall armyworms attack your turf or the fescue isn’t coming in just right.

Kevin and Pat will be available from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST from Monday through Friday to answer your questions about everything from turf to fert to herbicides. Whatever the topic, our support goes beyond the Ewing blue counter to provide you with the products and support you need to get the job done.

Whether it’s turf product, agronomy, or plant health related, call the Ewing Helpline at 480-669-8791 or email us today!


Meet Kevin Lewis

With 34 years in the green industry, Kevin is here to provide technical support and guidance on enhanced turf health, development of agronomic and liquid fertility programs, reduced water usage, mitigation of drought stress and more.

A graduate of The Ohio State University ATI with a degree in Turfgrass Management, Kevin is also a certified arborist and commercial applicator. After honing his expertise in the green industry for companies like the John Deere Landscapes team and Ecologel Solutions / Arborjet, Kevin now serves in Technical Services at Ewing.


Meet Pat Gross

A 38-year veteran of the golf course maintenance industry, Pat Gross joined Ewing in 2021 working in Technical Services and with Ewing Golf. Pat’s wide range of experience includes 28 years as a United States Golf Association (USGA) agronomist, in turfgrass management, irrigation, and water use efficiency.

During his tenure with the USGA, Pat completed more than 2,000 on-site consulting visits providing practical information to help golf courses conserve water and improve course conditions. Take advantage of Pat’s experience by calling in today!


Exclusive Rain Bird Golf Distributor

RainBird_National Map
RainBird_National Map

Ewing serves as the exclusive distribution partner for Rain Bird in the following regions. Contact us through the link below for details and dedicated support.

Authorized Rain Bird Distributor areas are marked in green.

  • Arizona
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • Las Vegas
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Southern Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia

Find Solutions Fast with Turf Product Apps and Resources

Troubleshoot tough turf challenges with free and paid resources for landscape contractors

From pest and plant identification to project and business management apps, you can Lean On Us for the resources and support you need to get the job done including:

  • Up-to-date supplier guides and product information
  • Free pest, weed, and plant identification apps
  • Lawn, landscape, and site assessment resources
  • Fertilizer, rock, and mulch calculators 
  • Document, invoice, and fleet management apps

Ewing Golf Partners

Whether you're doing an in-house bunker installation, golf course maintenance or a full renovation, you have access to the most reliable brands in the industry. We're proud to partner with:


4 Steps for Selecting a Fall Fertilizer for Your Golf Course

With so many fertilizers on the market, it can be confusing to decide which product is appropriate for a particular situation. Here is a brief checklist to help narrow down the choices and set your golf course up for success this winter.


Looking for answers to specific questions about agronomy? Pat Gross is here to help.

Pat retired from the United States Golf Association (USGA) after a 28-year career as an agronomist and director of the Western Region of the Green Section. During his tenure with the USGA, he completed more than 2,000 on-site consulting visits with a focus on providing practical information to help golf courses conserve water and improve course conditions.

Take advantage of Pat’s in-depth knowledge and experience in the golf industry by submitting your questions below.

Recent Question

Q: How long will my grass survive under flooded conditions?

A: Whether grass is damaged by flooding depends on several factors:

  • Turf species (bermudagrass and creeping bentgrass, Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass and annual bluegrass)
  • Amount of time the turf is submerged
  • Depth of water
  • Light intensity
  • Temperature of the water

In one experiment, creeping bentgrass survived 60 days of flooding at a water temperature of 50°F but less than 10 days at a water temperature of 86°F (Beard 1973). The good news is that many turf species have the ability to survive adverse conditions, including flooding. The following articles provide further information and details about turfgrass flooding and recommendations for recovery:

Will my turf recover from recent flooding? - Michigan State

It's Raining, It's Pouring, The Golf Course is Flooding - USGA


View more questions and answers, and strengthen your agronomic program today!

Do You DIY?

If you’ve ventured into the do-it-yourself arena for your golf course or if you’d like to, review our library of articles for step-by-step instructions for upcoming do-it-yourself-projects.


How to Do an In-House Bunker Installation Using Capillary Bunker

Improve your bunker conditions with these steps to help you install a bunker liner using Capillary Bunker.


Access Our Expertise and Experience

Ewing’s Golf Team is unparalleled in the golf course industry. We’re known for our high level of support, vast knowledge bank and experience in the industry.

Our helpful, experienced staff are a part of your team. Contact us for quotes and pricing data, product information and best practices for golf course projects big and small.


Ewing Golf Support Team

Ewing’s Golf Team members can help you with information, quotes or general knowledge about golf products and projects. Contact your nearest representative with any questions you might have!

Ewing Golf Sales Team

Steve Sakurai
National Golf Products Manager
Brian Hurley
National Rain Bird Golf Product Sales Manager
Curtis Bruton
Southeast Regional Golf Sales Manager
Fred Rapp
Northeast Regional Golf Sales Manager

Ewing National Golf Project Sales Support Team

Mark Creighton
National Golf Account Manager
Manny Pina
National Golf Account Manager
Cathy Sanchez
Inside Sales - Golf Division
Corey Morabito
Inside Sales - Golf Division
Pat Gross
Inside Sales - Golf Division
Joe Seabold
Inside Sales - Golf Division

Ewing Southwest Golf Support Team

Jordan Gill
Arizona Golf Account Manager
Greg Kelley
Southwest Golf Service Manager
Mike Mastromarino
Arizona Golf Account Manager
Dave Sandrock
Arizona Golf Account Manager

Ewing Northeast Golf Support Team

Dave Apgar
Northeast Golf Account Manager
Lynn Howatt
Northeast Inside Sales
Alex Ludwig
Northeast Golf Account Manager (Upstate New York)
Tim Riismandel
Northeast Golf Account Manager
Jim Miner
Northeast Golf Account Manager
Mark Sinto
Northeast Golf Account Manager
Tom Vogt
Northeast Golf Design Manager
Brian Kealy
Northeast Golf Service Manager
Ken Givens
Ken Givens
Northeast Golf Service Manager

Ewing Southeast/Mid-Atlantic Golf Support Team

Doug Bradshaw
Southeast Golf Account Manager
Mike Cambron
Inside Sales and Project Support
Steve Dockery
Southeast Golf Account Manager
Randy Chilton
Virginia Golf Account Manager
Andrew Pace
Southeast Golf Account Manager
Billy Lewis
Southeast Golf Account Manager
Steve Bailey
PA/WV Golf Account Manager
Cole Childers
Southeast Golf Account Manager
Tyler Montgomery
Southeast Golf Account Manager

Local Support

With over 220 locations nationwide, Ewing is a leader in the green industry, with strong roots in the communities we serve and lasting relationships with our customers. For 100 years, Ewing's blue counter has served the green industry, and you can rely on Ewing for solutions, product knowledge, troubleshooting and the brands you trust.