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Hazard Symbols: What They Mean to You as a Landscape Professional

From irritation to corrosion of the skin, fertilizer or chemicals can cause many problems if not handled properly.

You may have noticed a symbol or two near the instructions on fertilizer or chemical bags or containers. Each symbol has a different meaning and a different warning, but they will always be enclosed by a diamond symbol.

!Exclamation Point

Depending on the product, it may have an exclamation point symbol, which signifies that the chemical will irritate the skin and eyes if it comes in contact with the body. Always wear protective gloves and goggles to prevent injury. If swallowed, call poison control immediately.

FlammableRound Object Surrounded by a Flame

The package may have a round object surrounded by a flame, which means that the product is an oxidizer. You will want to keep this as far away from fire as possible as it may intensify the flames if they come in contact with each other.


A Skull and Cross BonesSkullCrossBones

A skull and cross bone means poisonous. If it is swallowed or inhaled, call poison control immediately. To prevent harm, keep it away from the face.


ChemicalTwo test tubes pouring out a liquid

Two test tubes pouring out a liquid onto a rectangular object and a hand means it is corrosive to metal and skin. Wear gloves and glasses to keep yourself from getting seriously injured. If you see this symbol, do not let it touch the body at all.

These symbols are warning signs to keep you and your employees safe. Always read and follow instructions on the label. Refer to OSHA’s website for additional information.

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