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He Won The Ewing Triple Play. You Could Be Next!

Slam-dunk! Bump, set, spike! Touchdown! Triple play! Game On! You can practically hear the crowds cheering upon setting foot in your local Ewing store. Why? Ewing has teamed up with Hunter for their Game On promotion and every $1,000 of Hunter and FX Luminaire products purchased on a single invoice is eligible for an entry to win the sports trip of a lifetime!

For customers interested in more chances to win, making a purchase (fitting the criteria above) at Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply will give you an extra entry. We call it a “Triple Play.”

Joyce Elliot and her team at the Nashville, Tenn., store got excited about the promotion. They even built a mock hockey rink in honor of the contest since most of her store are Nashville Predator fans. All of their hard work and enthusiasm paid off when the Nashville store became home of the first Ewing Triple Play winner, Brian of Patriot Irrigation and Lighting.

“My team was excited to be a winning store, but we were really more excited for Brian to be the first Triple Play winner,” she said.

Brian said the responsive, courteous manner of the Nashville store combined with their knowledge and helpfulness has alleviated a lot of potential problems in his business.

His employees have also been able to benefit from Ewing education classes that keep their skills up-to-date. All of these factors create a relationship that Brian said makes him feel more like a Ewing partner than a customer. PRIMG Sports Football Field

Being a Tennessee Volunteer football fan, when Brian found out he won the Ewing Triple Play, he knew exactly what his sports trip would be.

“Winning the Triple Play made for a great day and a wonderful gift,” Brian said. “My wife and I had just recently spoken about going to the opening game in Atlanta at the new Mercedes Benz Stadium, and now we will be going for sure. Go Vols!”

The Game On promotion is in full swing, and you can still join the fun! Make your purchase at Ewing and your entry becomes a Triple Play, giving you an extra chance to win.

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